“The Draw Blueprint” Affiliate Program

You Earn A Full 60% For Every Customer You Refer Who Buys!

After you sign up as an affiliate at come back to this page to get your Affiliate Tools! (If you are already a ClickBank member, then you can start earning commission on “The Draw Blueprint” immediately!)

Having *your own e-book* is a valuable (and effective) marketing tool for nearly any business owner who wants to increase their profits and revenue from their website.   And now as a “The Draw Blueprint” Affiliate, you can not only make this exciting resource available to your visitors, but also create a terrific revenue stream from your website.

How profitable is it? Our referral system lets you earn 60% commission on every sale you refer!

Our program is simple:

Step 1: Complete the Affiliate Enrollment Form.

Our affiliate program is administered through ClickBank — the world leader in credit card processing for information products and ebook sales. They will automatically set you up with an Affiliate ID and give you complete instructions.

Step 2: Direct prospects to your affiliate website and start earning commissions immediately.

Step 3: You earn a hefty commission of 60% for every order that comes from your website. Plus, you can track all your sales in real-time right from your own computer through your FREE ClickBank affiliate account.

PLUS – with ClickBank you don’t have to wait to get paid only once a month! ClickBank cuts commission checks twice a month!

Questions? For more information on how ClickBank works – click here ==>

Get Started ==> ClickBank will immediately set you up with an Affiliate ID and you can get started.

So click here to sign up and then come back to this page!

Once you are done signing up you will receive your ClickBank “nickname”Insert your nickname in the XXXX in the link below…  this is your affiliate link!

To locate our product in the Marketplace, you can enter our nickname “keys2golf” into the Find Products field on the Marketplace search. Next, hit “Enter” and you will be taken to our listing.

4 Simple Steps:  The easiest way to make quick money!

1. Insert your ClickBank nickname in the link above.

2. Send an email to your entire e-mail list telling them exactly how “The Draw Blueprint” can help them (you may use our custom sales page language for ideas) or add the link to your website.

3. Place the link in your email.

4. They click and order and you get 60%!

Here are some pictures you can use in conjunction with your link:

Just right-click the picture and choose “save picture as” to save it to your hard drive.

We also will provide you a custom sales page that describes “The Draw Blueprint” to your customers.  We also have 100s of Customer Comments you may use. It is that simple and easy!!

Feel free to email us if you have any other questions or suggestions concerning your “The Draw Blueprint” affiliate program.

Thanks for signing up with our affiliate program.

We look forward to helping you help other fellow golfers improve their game!

Taylor Connor and Paul Hobart

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