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Now first of all, this eBook is in Acrobat format (.pdf) which means anyone on virtually any operating system can view it. But you will need Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded free. And if you don’t already have Acrobat Reader click on the link below and download it…

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As soon as the file has been saved to your hard drive you simply have to open it and your journey to shaping the ball begins!

We suggest you read the system once to get an overview and understanding of what is involved and then commit to a day that you are going to start your exciting journey to…

“learning how to consistently draw the ball”

And as the Nike commercial says…Just Do It!

Start and complete the system for the full 21 days. You’ll be glad you did after you’ve gained the yards you’re losing due to your fade/slice and you’ll have so much more fun as a result.

Bonus #1: The Tiger Woods, Golfing Confidence Audio

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Bonus #2: FREE Report, ‘How to Maximize Your Distance With These 5 Secrets’

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