Golfers Results From Using The Draw Blueprint

Below are over 146 comments about The Draw Blueprint from golfers in 21 different countries!

“Before I started your “Draw” System I had a slice. Since following your day by day instructions, I now hit the fairway much more often with a slight fade or draw when I get it right! As a result I have gone from hitting 220-230 yards to hitting 250-280 yards.

I found the instructions easy to follow. It brought me along at the right speed in learning the system correctly without rushing. The step by step system I found left you excited to want to learn that step so you could move on to the next.

It has improved my distance off the tee (a good 50 yards +) and helped me with my swing more importantly. Which has improved my whole game and as a result I hit straighter with more consistency. It has taken me to a new level in my golf game.

It was easy to follow learning at your own speed. It was almost like having a golf pro right there with you. Anytime you can improve at something you can always enjoy it better, especially when you see yourself improving from day to day. I am and would recommend this system to everyone who wants to improve their game.”

Wayne Hiro Shigaki
Connecticut, USA

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I know you like feedback, so here are some of my experiences with your draw system.

Background – I have been playing golf for 30 years (starting at 15) and over the last 3 years have had a serious number of lessons, video analysis, continually re-reading David Leadbeater’s faults and fixes and occasionally buying golf mags for a few months concentrating on the instruction pages.

Despite all this, my handicap was still 18, the natural shape of my shot was a slight slice and when there was the occasional good round or nine holes it was short lived. Every now and again the dreaded shank would appear.

I downloaded your system in Feb, but wasn’t able to put in the time and by April I was shanking it again and was close to giving up the game. In one dark period of 3 rounds in the summer, I lost about 18 balls hitting the ball sideways. I then had a couple of more lessons with my Pro and worked harder on your system.

Having had so many lessons I had been taught most of the moves at one time or another, but I think the real benefit of your system is that it identifies and clarifies, then builds and works to correct the bad old habits of the over the top swing.

I am now pleased to report I am hitting the ball far better and longer off the tee with more confidence and that more and more balls go with a draw. The 3 wood is going particularly well.

The outcome of putting in lots of time and using the system – I yesterday won my second consecutive divisional medal, (with rounds of 83 and 82) and have been cut to 12.5. A pity your system wasn’t around 20 years ago!

Many thanks

Best Wishes

Ian Prosser
United Kingdom

I’d like to share my experience with the “Draw” system and how it changed my game and swing forever.

I’ve been a beginner golfer for some 7 years and shot in the 90s. A low 90s round would be a good day for me. 2 years ago I wanted to better my game and keep up with some of my better golfing friends. I took lessons, watched the golf channel, bought swing aids, videos, books, new clubs, you name it I did it. I got worse then, a little better, then worse again. I couldn’t figure it out.

Oh yes, that nasty slice kept creeping back into my game.

So this past spring, I swore that this summer was the summer things would change, more practice and probably more lessons. I could barely break 100. One day sitting at my computer I thought that I’d try one more time and searched through the internet for help. This is when I found your web site.

I usually do not purchase anything over the web but somehow your words, the system and of course the guarantee made me take the plunge. I liked the fact that I could print out this document. It was easy to follow. The pictures were helpful and even though I took longer than 21 days, I’d say about 30 days, all of sudden without “thinking” about it and trusting what I was learning, I started to draw the ball. I stayed away from playing a full 18 holes as I was nervous that I may slip back to slicing and get frustrated. So when I did play, I’d play 9 holes, enough to see if I was improving but not worrying about my score and spend the rest of the time working on the short game and your drills.

As my golfing buddies as witnesses (no joke) I played my first full round on a course I never played on and shot an 86. It was unbelievable. I had shot 86 only once in 7 years of playing golf. I played many rounds since and have been averaging in the mid to low 80s ever since. My last 2 rounds I only missed 2 fairways each time. I’m not a long driver, but it is sure easier to get to the green when you are on the fairway.

. Anyway that’s my story. Thanks for a creating a system that really “WORKS”, easy to use and produces incredible results. Everyone asks me who fixed my slice and I tell them my virtual pro.

All the best in your endeavors.

Best regards,

Daniel St-Germain
Vancouver, BC, Canada

“The instructions are excellent. The photos supporting the written word make it very easy to understand what one is meant to do. Well written. This is the best that I have seen in written form. The difference is that every move is explained in detail, with photos, and it is simple to follow.

I’m very happy I’ve bought this system – the best thing is that I can review my swing and identify the areas I need to correct. Well done – excellent material, I have referred other people to the course.”

Kevin Sherry
Auckland, New Zealand

“After following this system I am hitting the ball more solidly and have learnt not to ‘overhit’ attempting to get that extra ‘meter.’ The biggest benefit The “Draw” System has done is to give me a more consistent strike of the ball – I actually had a 100 meter wedge back-spin to the hole today.

Also this system has eliminated a tendency for my drives to fade/slice and I have seen videos that were basically aiming at the same objective but didn’t provide the clear steps to work through like your system does.”

Alan Jones
New South Wales, Australia

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Recently I did receive a copy of your program; I quickly (over an hour) read through the booklet, and paid particularly close attention to the Photos; the very next day I hit some balls on the range prior to teeing off, and was truly astounded at the results; I was even drawing my wedges, but of course the greatest benefit accrued to the driver and fairway woods; long seeming effortless wood shots that turned over consistently; a couple of which approached 300 yards, center cut.

Both I and my playing partners were and continue to be amazed. This is great stuff, and so well presented. I actually had a chance that day to break 70, and that has not happened for an entire year, due to breaking my finger.

I had struggled ever since with turning the ball over, and had resigned myself to a power fade. NO MORE. I cannot encourage you enough to get your system known here stateside, as this epidemic of “slices” through which we continue to suffer, shows no sign of abatement, and though I have many books and publications in my bookshelf, I must say that none are as crisp and concise with respect to “getting the message across”.

As you know, for most golfers, what you teach is the ultimate, as being able to work the ball not only adds distance but also “makes” fairways wider and the game so much more enjoyable in the process.

Finally, I must say that, without doubt, your system and the resulting game improvement that results FAR outweighs all the equipment and ball technology available because it allows true shot making and confidence in repeatable ball flight that I had never enjoyed in the past. Consistency is that key. Thanx again,

Rob Peterson,
Mesa, AZ, USA

“I know your are busy men so I’ll keep this short. If I ever meet you in person I’ll KISS you!!!!! You have saved my golf game. I’ve been playing for 2 years and in the beginning I found it very easy. In less than 9 months I was a 14 and it was looking like it was going to continue to go down. Then I hit a wall, that little ball started to go right, and then it went further right, then even further right….. I was losing massive distance as well, 3 clubs. I fought with it for ages.

Well I’m now 4 months into my new swing and I shot a 77 yesterday. You absolute beauty!!!! 15 of 18 greens, what a game!!!!! Your mental course is magnificent, coupled with The Draw Blueprint I can now play golf on a level I never thought possible.”

John Shields
Texas, USA

“I am very impressed with the “Drawing System” that I got from you only 10 days ago. Actually so impressed, I talk to every golfer that I meet recently! In the last 7 years playing golf, I have never ever drawn a ball, not even a hook! All my shots go fade or slice.

Since I read your book, I change my grip, change my ball position, change my feet positioning, flex my right hand and moving my hip forward to have my head behind the ball…..etc. Now I am drawing the ball!!

It’s like a magic to me.

I started drawing the ball from 6-iron, then with 4-iron, struggled with woods and driver for a few days. In the last 3 days I have been able to draw with a driver, even myself do not believe how the shape of the ball flight has changed.

Being on Hcp 7.7 , I could drive reasonably long (220m), but it’s always a fade not a draw. In the rough weather like the last 2 days, there is no way I can play golf because the gusty wind would simply rip the ball away. But I just used the draw playing in a competition today and won prizes of nearest pin, longest drive and lowest gross.

Now I really believe drawing shots can minimize the affect of wind.

The successful rate of my drawing is about 70%, conservatively. I am still doing the “release” parts of the system, I am quite sure I can come out even better after completing the entire system. Learning to play a draw certainly has given this game more fun.

When I could only play a fade, big tree on my left hand side (I am a right hander) has always been a threat to me. Now I can use “draw” to avoid this! It is really interesting!

I started my golf by watching Jack Nicklaus’s video and also read a lot of books, there are quite a few good things there, but I have never seen one like your drawing system that explains so much details of swing technique.

It’s simple, easy to understand. The system tells me what to do and also explains why we are doing so. Good things and intelligence deserve to be recognized, I wish every success of your career and thank you!”

San-Der Wu
Palmerston North, New Zealand

“Prior to The “Draw” System, I had a left to right ball flight. If I missed the shot often it resulted in a slice. Since I have been working on the system my ball flight is right to left and my misses are hooks.

I have added 10-15 yards on my drives. My irons are about 10 yards longer. Also I have hit many more greens in regulation and I do not have to get up and down to make par.

The system is easy to understand and each section builds on previous sections. Plus the illustrations are very detailed and were easy to implement.

I am pressed for time and wish that more could be done in a shorter period. Although I now realize that the daily practice of the specific drills are necessary for success with the system.”

Michael Vitch
New York, USA

“This system has given me a methodical way to practice and also answered many questions about set up, grip, swing plane and trying to concentrate on swinging the club rather than striking the ball.

And by doing the drills my swing plane is more consistent. Also, working on separate components of the swing has helped. My distance has increased by approximately 10-12%. Everybody says I’m hitting my irons more consistently and that I am shaping my shots better, even though I am not aware of it.

This approach is very unique in that the instructions and drills are easily explained and easy and fun to follow. After completing this system I am enjoying playing more because I am hitting the ball further and straighter which helps me score better.

Golf is a game for life and you constantly need to try and improve, even though I have gone through the program, I will continually refer back to the manual to solve problems in my swing etc.

Encourage students not to put the system on a shelf and forget about it, but to review it when you have problems with your swing or ball striking etc. Thanks for making a difference in my game.”

Paul Nunn
North Carolina, USA

“This system has given me straighter drives with my driver and I am hitting a lot more fairways. It has also given me great confidence off the tee with my driver and fairway woods. I no longer have to worry about missing fairways.

Before the system I used to slice my driver and fairway woods a lot and miss a bunch of fairways. I liked the detailed step by step instructions on the breakdown of the swing along with the wonderful drills.”

Maurice Forte
North Carolina, USA

“Before I got this system I was slicing the ball. My problem was mainly with my stance. Now all my drives are straight. I’ve read other books, but got lost in the detail. The “Draw” System has just enough detail. After completing it I definitely enjoy playing more as it’s always a lot more fun when you’ve taken 10 strokes off your game!”

Doug Hunter
Pennsylvania, USA

“The “Draw” System has added 15 to 20 yards to my drives. It’s given me more consistency and it’s taken the right side out of bounds out of the picture. The “Draw” System has given me a consistent ball flight. Previously, my shots went both to the right and left sides of the fairway.

I like this system because it had a definite purpose with very clear instructions. Also I liked how the system was broken into the day by day format.

I enjoy the game more now because I feel that I am confident of where the ball is going. And I would definitely endorse this product and have recommended it to a couple of my friends already.”

Dave Langhamer
Illinois, USA

“This system has given me the ability to draw the ball and I went from an average of 215 yard drives to hitting the ball 250 yards.

This is one of the best systems I have seen. I am very picture orientated and your system teaches that way. There was not a lot of technical info. You got to the point and kept it simple.”

Dan Bickish
Maryland, USA

“Before, I hit the ball fairly straight but would cut 20 to 30% of my shots and pull some. I now hit the ball straight with an occasional slight draw. I no longer fear trouble on the right. Also my miss-hits are still reasonable – I can spend less time on the full swing and more time on the short game. It works. My shots even sound different – I am swinging with more power and confidence.

I read many golf books and magazines and you see a lot of good tips but they don’t ever seem to help. Your instructions allows a golfer to find a correct path. The system worked for me. I also believe that if I fall back from where I am now, I have a program that will bring me back.”

Tom Salsbery
Iowa, USA

“After this system my drives have been reduced to fades from slices and I have dropped five strokes. My enjoyment has increased since I am now playing from a better position than before. The pictures that accompanied the instructions made it very easy to follow them.”

Thomas Guerriero
Massachusetts, USA

“I am still working through the lessons of The “Draw” System at this time. I have completed Day 16. I am a little slow because of business traveling. However, this past weekend I was able to play nine holes with my wife. It was one of the best 9 holes I’ve played.

I used to be a chronic slicer, very inconsistent off the tee and on my approach shots. My tee shots are definitely straightening out. I felt very relaxed and confident and hit 6 greens in regulation. I still want to work on a draw – I just need more time. Also, really need to work on my putting!!! I shot a solid 40. My usual 9 hole score is 45-50. My goal is to keep that consistency for 18 holes…I still have a way to go!

The “Draw” System has made me think about setup – for me, setup is EVERYTHING! Also, I have been working on very specific things when I go to the range – this is just now starting to make a big difference in my consistency. It is also a great confidence builder.

All instructions have been easy for me to understand and follow. Plus, I can read and re-read them at will and “picture” the drills even if I’m not able to practice at home or on the range. I actually have read through the complete “Draw” System 3 times. It keeps me motivated to stay focused.

My drives are now in the 220-240 yard range because they have straightened out. In the past, I would lose at least 25 – 30 + yards because of slicing. I have hit some drives in the 250 – 260 range when I get a good bounce and roll.

One of the best things I liked about this system was that I could make progress at my own pace. It’s easy to read and follow, and it makes sense. I can easily pick up where I left off – even if weeks have gone by. I think it’s a great approach to the golf swing. I wish I could move through it faster….it does take focus and time. But, I am very willing to do it – especially with the results I’ve had so far.

I have not seen anything quite like this system. I have bought many golf video lessons – they all have their good and bad points. The “Draw” System is different for me because it has made me think more about all the aspects of my swing and setup. With the video’s, I seem to just “copy” what I see and hear. The “Draw” System has helped me break down my swing and correct some basic faults.

I have always enjoyed playing golf – even when I sliced…I think I will enjoy playing even more as my consistency improves. I sense that I am getting much calmer on the course. It’s definitely more fun! My wife has even commented recently that I seemed more relaxed when I play.”

James Laskowicz
Illinois, USA

“Doing the setup and the grip the way you suggest has definitely made my ball go straighter. It is very rare, (like almost never) that I miss a fairway on a drive now. That alone has already started to drop my score. I am getting off the tee very straight and longer.

The detail and ease of understanding are what I really like about your program. Clear instructions, along with the excellent pictures or views of what you are trying to impart makes your program very easy to understand.

As I said earlier, I have noticed that it is very rare for me not to be in the short grass on the fairway! That is a pleasant change and all my golfing buddies have already started to make note of that. Now I spend my time helping them all find their balls, after I have hit my second shot from the fairway. It is a welcome change. I have noticed that I am now out there with the rest of my foursome on a drive, and in fact, now perhaps the longest of the foursome. I used to always be the shortest and it was beginning to be discouraging. Another welcome change!

I like the way you give us small, chewable bites of information, with great detail and clear pictures as examples of what you are saying. Trying to accomplish something as dramatic as curing a slice and actually ending up with a draw is a huge task, and learning it in small, understandable segments I feel is the best way to learn it. Otherwise, a person tends to feel overwhelmed by that much information.

The clarity and small concise bites of information makes your program really easy to understand. Your suggestion to take it “one step at a time” and practice for awhile, before moving on to the next lesson, is an excellent way to impart knowledge. It is sort of the “how do you eat an elephant” concept. Break it down into small, understandable bits of information, and practice, practice and practice the new learned skill or information.

I am a very competitive person. Learning to draw the ball and/or cure my slice has been very helpful. I am not perfect yet and will continue to improve as I continue to practice and groove my swing, but this has made a major improvement to my game and I am still looking forward to dropping my handicap. My confidence about being on the fairway, has improved. I don’t have to spend time looking for lost balls. The system was well worth the money I paid for it. I have told my friends about your system and I am sure they will be trying it. It works!”

Phil Benson
Oregon, USA

“The “Draw” System has helped me to hit my shots straighter instead of slicing and I also hit them further which in turn means I am using higher clubs to reach the greens.

What I like best about the system was the simplicity. After completing this system I enjoy playing golf more as it has helped me to strike the ball more consistently and consequently I have more interest in the game.

Finally, I am glad I purchased The “Draw” System as I have benefited from reading and utilizing it.”

Francis Gascoigne
Auckland, New Zealand

“I ordered your program earlier in the summer and worked on it on and off for about 6 weeks. I followed the program and did the drills, not daily, but as I could. I had the typical out to in swing of a person who played a lot of baseball as a kid but no golf. I must say I was a little uncertain of all the great feedback, and I found that it does not work instantly, as you say.

I also was aware of the ‘scoring trap’, as I desparately wanted my scores to go down, and at first they actually seemed like they were going up. However, as I practiced, and changed my pre-shot routine to remember the important basics, the results have been phenomenal.

In my group of peers, I am usually towards the back of the pack, but no more. The last few weeks I have been outdriving and out scoring them. In combination with a new set of more appropriate irons (Nike Slingshots, regular flex), the straighter shots have allowed me to go down a club on my shots. This allows even greater accuracy. I am hitting 250+ with the driver, where before it was 220-230 with a fade.

My iron shots have been the most improved, as my confidence and straighter shots allow me to go at flags, not just greens. My partners think I bought my game with the new clubs, until I use their clubs and still hit it straighter and longer than before.

My last 4 scores have been between 3 and 5 strokes below my average scores from earlier this summer.

Is it the new clubs?

Maybe partly. But in my opinion it is the new swing I learned from this excellent program. Thanks for your awesome program. I had taken lessons from 3 different coaches, who basically tried to help me did nothing to diagnose or change my swing, only to give me a tip or 2.

Your program breaks each component down into manageable drills, and worked great for a person like me who prefers self-study. It would have taken $800 of lessons to have a pro show me the things your program showed me, IF I could have found one in my area that knew these techniques.

Thanks for bring the enjoyment back to golf for me. I had gone about 5 years without any significant improvement. Now I look forward to lowering my handicap continually, as I finally have an idea of what solid swing mechanics actually are.”

Kevin Stevens
Dubuque, IA, USA

“As I am a beginning golfer, I have had lessons which enabled me to use a neutral grip and good plane. Yours felt uncomfortable at first but I am starting to see good results with my shots being more consistent. The pictures were good to copy and the explanations were easy and worked. I love golf so this system has just boosted the feeling. Being able to hit consistently long shots is thrilling!

Graham Parton
Canterbury, England

“After completing this system my ball flight is usually straight with a little draw at the end. Even on bad days the slice has been replaced by a fade. And the best thing this system has done for my game is consistency. Also I liked the fact that it did what it was supposed to do. With the benefit of the pictures, anyone can follow the instructions.

Now my drives are about 20 yards longer. I have even driven the green on a few holes. I have tried multiple other instructions including lessons, golf schools, videos and books. None of them worked but yours has. Thanks.”

Christian Birkedal
Alabama, USA

“This system has improved my consistency as I have gone from a large slice to a small fade which means I am in the fairway much more often. And I am now playing in the 80’s more often than I have been for about 4 years.

The photo’s are good as they show the instructions in surroundings that we are accustomed to. The thing I liked best about the system was the simplicity of the instructions and I’m glad I’ve bought it so I can refer back to it when I want.”

Richard Humphreys
Auckland, New Zealand

“I seldom hit the banana ball any more, which allows me to use the driver instead of 3 wood off tight tees. And as a result I am longer off the tees by about 35 yards which lets me reach greens in 1 less stroke. Also I have more confidence off the tee now.

The pictures were a big help and what I liked best about the system was the simple day by day things to practice. Lastly, I am now able to be competitive with the people I play with which is giving me more enjoyment.”

Bill Sharpe
Ohio, USA

“This system has improved my ability to eliminate a definite slice in my game. And the biggest benefits I got from this system is that I am now able to understand the mechanics of the golf swing.

This system is extremely easy to follow and at this stage I have not developed a pronounced draw in my game but generally I am hitting straighter and longer now.

I am extremely happy I bought this system as it gives my something I can always refer back to and practice. I enjoy golf much better now, knowing that I will at most times hit a much straighter ball.”

Patrick Smith
Auckland, New Zealand

“I am now making a much more consistent swing that has reduced my slices and allows me to hit a consistent draw. The best thing was the improved consistency and this has improved the satisfaction with my game.

If someone will take a step back – they will take 3 or 4 steps forward with this system. I followed the system each day as outlined and I noticed improvement from about Day 10 on…It takes patience and trust, but it works.

The biggest benefit I’ve seen is that I used to only use a 3-wood off the tee. Now I am using my driver and my drives range from 270-330 yards. It is a whole new game with this ability.

Before The “Draw” System I wasn’t very consistent. I used to slice or fade the ball (more slice than fade). Now I am either hitting straight or drawing the ball, almost at will!

After completing this system I enjoy playing golf a lot more as it is much more satisfying to be able to hit good golf shots and score well, as opposed to losing balls and getting very frustrated.

Bottom line: I have been playing golf for only 9 months. Thanks to The “Draw” System, I am now consistently shooting scores in the low 80’s – with a best of 80! I think that speaks for itself.”

Rob Tucker
North Carolina, USA

“This system has improved my distance. I am getting about 10-12 yards more on my drives and it has taken about 9 strokes off my game. Also it has made more consistent. After completing this system I am enjoying playing more because I can now play with others in the office and be competitive. I even win a hole or two!”

Jeff Reece
Texas, USA

“This system has stopped me from slicing the ball and my fairway game has improved. I found the instructions and diagrams easy to understand and only this week I have found that I am hitting the ball further, at least 20 meters. And I now find that I can land on the green for 2 on par 4 greens.

I am certainly hitting the ball straighter as I am putting more power into the drive. And what I liked the best about the system is the mere fact that it works!

It’s a very good system for learning golf.

I’m very happy with my decision to purchase the course and the best thing about owning it is that I can use if for reference in future. I certainly enjoy my golf more now having completed the course and I am looking forward to competing with members playing on a lower handicap than myself.”

Tom de Lattaye
Putaruru, New Zealand

“I never thought I would write a testimonial for any product because I have never believed anything was good enough to do that for. But your book is a different case. I purchased your book several months ago now and have to relate my story to you.

I started playing golf almost 30 years ago (lots of bad groove)and as of last summer, my best score ever was a 101 with an average over 115. I have numerous experiences using various methods and books to improve ones golf game and most did not work because the lessons tell you the correct swing, NOT how to correct my bad swing and acomplishing what I want, and that is to hit the ball correctly.

I am now on lesson 11, and have reached numerous milestones that conservatively speaking have me floored that I am capable of doing what I am doing. I am no longer slicing, my average drive is over 220 yards when my average was 170 yards and just shot a 91 last week and my average is now 100 (for last 20 games).

Also hit my first draw the last time I was at the range. Due to time constraints, I am not able to complete a lesson a day but most days I do read the material for the lesson I am on and attempt to groove that lesson to the best extent that I can. I do not go on to the next lesson until I know I will at least remember that lesson as I go on to the next.

The most difficult thing is remembering the important parts from the current lesson the next time I am at the range and yet more difficult is to take the swing I have at the range and put it into practise on the course itself.

I learned not to worry about my score at first, because changing old habits is very difficult and I would find myself reverting to my old habits to be safe and the combination of knowing the right stroke and hitting the old stroke was nothing short of disaster.

Now two months later, it is apparent that the right stuff is now grooved in my mind and the number of things I need to think about as decreased significantly. I know so many who are so comfortable with their bad swing that they will strongly resist giving up the safety of that and I only wish I could convince them that that is exactly what they have to do, get your book, throw caution to the wind and do what the instruction says no matter how difficult or awkward it may seem.

Some of the lessons were very uncomfortable with the hardest one for me, being the straight back, or correct posture which very much changed my normal vertical distance to the ball.

The next hardest thing is on the backswing, starting with the large muscles and then continuing with the arms (and not doing one or the other) and of course one of your next lessons, aiming the left shoulder at the ball made that happen almost all by itself.

The format, layout and simple to follow instructions are EXACTLY what any long time golfer or beginner can use to create the right swing. I have to admit I did not think it would be possible without an instructor telling me what to do, but I was wrong. I only wish I could package the feeling I have at the moment and give it away as a Christmas present to those I know need it.

Without overstating it, the confidence I have in my swing already (with 10 lessons to go) is one of the top things I have accomplished and the resulting good feeling is even more so. After I finish your lessons will start work on my short game and my mental game. If you publish something for those two areas and it’s under your name in the same format, I will buy it.

A very sincere thank you to you and anyone that was involved in putting this book together, I will be forever in your debt. Thank you.”

Dave Strackbein
Virginia. USA

“I’m about half way through the system and my slice is beginning to disappear. I do not have a draw yet but I’m more consistent in that I am able to keep my drives on the fairway more often. The slice of the past is now just a fade and sometimes just straight.

I’ve read lots of articles on fixing the slice but none have seemed to work but yours is. Also your system is easy to go back to and refresh your mind on the basics.

I’ve enjoyed working through the system at my own pace. That is a big advantage with your process. And now golf is more enjoyable since I don’t have to spend so much time in the woods!!!”

Gary Chullino
Missouri, USA

“I just received the system last week and haven’t really had the chance to apply all of it’s principles but just from what I have tried already I slice much less often and the majority of my shots are straighter.

The instructions are easy to understand and follow and the abundance of photos is a great help.”

Willie Pindle
Virgina, USA

“This system has helped me to get a much more solid contact with the ball and this has added 10 more yards, at least, which has improved my scoring by 4 to 5 shots.

The instructions were laid out in a logical, progressive manner. And I have seen other methods to create a draw, but this one is the best that I have seen.

After completing the system I enjoy playing golf more. I recently won a longest drive contest and that has never happened before.”

Randy Bruce
Ontario, Canada

“This system has brought me back to basics and given me drills to practice to give consistent movements. And I found the instructions precise with good explanations as to why!

The distance I hit the ball has certainly increased. Basically with my irons and this is just a guesstimate but where I would normally use a 3 iron I am now using a 5 or 6-iron.

I had just started playing again after a lay off of 8 yrs and I was hitting the ball all over the course. After only completing 3 or 4 of the drills, the ball was definitely going straighter.”

Frank White
Auckland, New Zealand

I played golf years back, but then didn’t play for 14 years. Even when I played back then, I sliced the hell out of it. I took some lessons, and that was fine, but I still sliced it on my own the minute the instructor would walk away. Half of it is, I don’t like someone staring at me and getting behind you and trying the swing with you, holding your hands in place, it’s just all awkward and you feel like a retard… plain and simple! HA!

Anyway, I picked up some clubs about three years ago because I had to start entertaining clients, and what better way than golf, right? As I got back into it, I couldn’t stop slicing. It was embarrassing because I would be playing with these big time Execs who I was supposed to entertain, they were hitting straight down the fairway off the tee, and here I was slicing it way off into the other fairways (they probably thought I was doing it on purpose to let them win, HA!).

Then, I would get frustrated and even totally miss the ball because I got so hung up on trying not to slice it, it absolutely ruined the game for me, and I would get nervous every time the tournaments I had to attend rolled around.

It wasn’t even fun anymore, it was torture, and I always felt like the third heal holding the team down from winning anything (even though it’s usually the scramble style for the tourneys). I started hitting balls alot at the range, and I do fine on my irons, that’s not really a problem, although I would get frustrated by my drives, then start topping on my irons because I was paranoid and nervous about the next tee shot.

It really sucked!

So, rather than just settling to the fact that I was going to slice forever unless I just concentrated on hitting it with literally no power behind it, I looked into the Internet sites for assistance… I love the internet.

First thing I did was order a club called the Perfect Club. Have you heard of it? It’s actually a very versatile club that really does help you straighten the ball out because you are shooting from an iron position most of the time.

HOWEVER, the real fix came when I went onto Search and put in “Golf Slicing,” and an add for your program popped up as one of the sites. I started reading your program, and the hip exercises and advice on power are all good, feet positioning and follow-thru, all good stuff, and the way you show the stance and approach, great stuff.

But you know what the single most effective section was for me… GRIP!!!

Most of my problem was in my grip. I didn’t use the overlap correct method, I used the ten finger method with my hands on top of each other. I also had a tendency to look up before I followed through, and I did put too much weight on my back foot, causing my back to arch up.

The minute I concentrated on correcting all those things, immediately, I began to draw the ball instead of slice it. With all my woods, 1 Driver, 3 Wood Big Bertha, 7 Wood, and yes, even the Perfect Club, the shots were either drawn, or straight, and flew much further. I went from hitting it about 215 yards slicing way out to the right, to about 300 yards on the draw with my best tee shots.

But the best thing?

I am having a blast and am now hitting at the range every other night, and twice on the weekends. I don’t sit there and stare at the ball in intimidation, I just look at it, set up, and shoot it quickly. The psych-out of dwelling on the ball like the more time you take staring at it, the better you are going to hit it, is even worse.

Positioning my shoulders toward the target, swinging the hips correctly, and stance, plus a couple things I learned from a Tom Kite tape, fixed most of my problem. I bought a city Golf Card and hope to play at least once a week now, and I won’t run scared from the tourneys anymore, which I used to make excuses about being too busy, and that was part of my job… I

feel silly now, but at the time, I dreaded every time I would stand up at the tee with three guys behind me rolling their eyes, or even patronizing me with a “That’s okay, that would have been a good shot we were on the 7th hole,” yea, because the 7th hole went way out to the right, no kidding!!!

No longer do I feel like a hindrance, rather I feel like one of the team, and that I can keep up and contribute some good drives. Thanks God for your program! It really worked for me, so you won’t need to worry about me exercising my money-back guarantee, you have a big fan for life!

By the way, do you have DVD’s available to brush up on every once in a while that I and my wife can watch? Now all I have to do is perfect my putting… good luck… HA! Thanks again!

Mark Roling
California, USA

“My consistency has improved since getting this “Draw” System and I now have a better understanding of my swing. I knew most of the drills from previous lessons but this system put them into a plan I could follow and go back too. One of the biggest benefits of having this system is that I can fix any errors that creep in.”

Paul Mooney
Offaly, Ireland

“Only a short time ago I was happy to see the ball heading in a forward direction but now I’m deciding which side of the pin to aim for. My swing plane is consistent and I have found good rhythm.

95-101 was my average score before getting this system but now I am enjoying consistently great shots with repetitive 89, 90, 91 and for the first time I shot and “84” which included an out of bounds on a par 5 (nasty bounce from fairway) scoring an 8.

I have watched, listened and read an incredible amount of info over the years but I believe this information was too deep. They lost the basic focus and in amongst the data was the big key issues. Whereas your system has been well thought out and is easy to follow.

I can’t remember when I last faded or sliced the ball. My hands feel part of the club now and I have better rotation with my hands through the impact zone which funnily enough has helped rhythm.

I am now enjoying golf for more than I ever have. The system makes practice more fun just knowing the system works. And the expressions on my partners faces don’t compare with how I now feel hole after hole.”

Geoff Andrews
Hamilton, New Zealand

“The “Draw” System has helped in getting the club to turn through impact. I feel that I am striking the ball the same every time I swing now. And I can count on the ball drawing left and rolling a few more yards. When I started I had a very nice slice going. Now, I can go straight or use a little draw if need be.

I now enjoy playing golf more after this system. My score is dropping week by week. This is very good!”

Rex Laughlin
Nebraska, USA

“I have stopped slices and fades and now hit the ball straight or with a draw. The results has been an improvement in my handicap from 18 to 16. This system has made me think how to play ALL shots with more precision.

The instructions are the clearest and most straight forward I have seen anywhere. My drives have increased from an average of 180m to 200m. Not bad for a 78 year old.

What I liked best about the system was the daily drills and the excellent photos and notes on each one – all very easy to study on the computer. On these the setup drills were most important, and for me ‘Day 8’ drill was crucial, as also the left knee movement in ‘Day 10’.

I’ve never seen anything like this anywhere. It’s very easy to follow. Congratulations on doing it and using the Internet most effectively.”

Bob Taylor
Marlborough, New Zealand

“After completing this system I am hitting more fairways and greens than ever before. It has made me more consistent. And everything was simple and straight forward.

What makes this system different is that it actually works. A lot of golf improvement “systems” are bogus and do nothing but spend my money.

I have always loved playing golf, but now I am excited that I have a realistic chance to break 80 each time out.”

Henry Hart
Oregon, USA

“This “Draw” System has given me more power with no more weak shots to the right. Now I’m blowing it over the flag stick not just on the front of the greens. I was hitting my 7 iron 150 yrds now it’s an easy 8 or hard 9. Also hitting 5 & 4 irons, 190/200 yrds with ease. After this system I no longer worry about hitting it right.

I liked the drills per day. I just kept going over and over certain drills till it started working for me. And I’ve seen drills in mag’s and some help me for a while, then I see a new drill and try that. Your system is one of repeated learning and much easier to remember while playing golf.

I always enjoy playing golf but I love trying to improve my golf that’s why I like your system. Thanks for your follow up, it lets me know I need to keep working on the drills.”

Dwain Hiebert
Kansas, USA

“It’s simple and concise techniques are easy to remember and it’s given me confidence in my swing which has increased the distance on mid to long irons by 10 yards. This has meant I now play most shots with a shorter club which are easier to hit and I can be more specific where I aim. But the biggest improvement is being able to hit a consistent shaped draw shot. I have seen many books but The “Draw” System is far more concise.”

John Hall
Wiltshire, England

“I started late, well after I retired. This is my fifth year of trying, and I have always tended to slice. This system has improved my consistency and I find I’m more confident and more relaxed now. That’s one of the biggest benefits I got from this system.

The instructions were easy to understand and follow and it’s added at least 10 yards to my drives and fairway woods on average. Some shots go 25 to 30 yards longer and this has improved my confidence 100 percent.

I’ve never seen anything like this before and it seems more personalized as well as being very easy to understand. I’m happy I’ve bought it because I can always go back and revise it.

After completing this system I really enjoy hitting the fall further and straighter. Today I only sliced one drive & no fairway woods. I hooked a couple but not too badly,and drew one shot well! Believe me that is very good for me. Regards Eric.”

Eric Gaunt
Wellington, New Zealand

“For the first time, this system has increased my confidence in what I should be doing in my swing. I know what the grip, ball position, and stance should look like. My confidence is growing and I just shot my best round yet. I have dropped strokes every time. My increased confidence has enabled me to actually plan for a given course and the upcoming shot instead of wondering if I’ll even make contact.

This system has most definitely increased my distance. I’m having to re-evaluate the distances. My 150 yard club used to be the 6-iron. Now it is the 7-iron. I am more consistent. I now strike the ball better.

I enjoy playing more after going through this system because of my increased consistency, confidence and good practice fundamentals. Now I know where to look in my swing if something goes awry. I didn’t before. Thanks. It’s well worth the price.”

William Cook
Georgia, USA

I have now shoot my lowest round ever and hit the ball more consistent. I used to go round 80-90. Now I go round early 80’s and I had a round of 76! I hit the driver straighter and my irons longer now. Following the advice in this system it has increased the length of my drives by 20-25 meters and my irons by the same.

I hit the ball straighter with a little draw where as before I used to hit my driver with a slice. And what I liked the best about the system was the simplicity.”

Stephen King
Ashburton, New Zealand

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“I thought I would let you know how my last round of golf went. I played a lot of golf for a couple of years in my early 20’s and my best score was a 92. I picked it back up about a year ago (some 15 years later).

I played this weekend. I probably haven’t gotten through but Day 4 in your “Draw System” but this Saturday I shot an 87! The score of the round before that was a 104. I had fun.

I was playing out of the fairway a lot … instead of behind the trees. I just felt better playing. I still have a long way to go but I just thought you might want to hear what happened to me. Thanks, John”

John Walker
Frankfort, United States

The grip adjustment you recommend has increased my tee shots by up to 30 meters. I’m hitting big drives now. I draw my fairway woods for extra distance but can hit them straight too.

I found your instructions easy to understand and follow. Very common sense. A lot of useful tips some of which I knew but had forgotten.

My tee shots are no longer a worry. This is the part of the game that I now like the best and when I get on the tee my thoughts are how much further I will hit my drive past the other guys – some 40 years younger than me. Honestly I now hit my drives further than I used to 40 years ago.

What I liked best about this system was the common sense approach. Your dedication and caring attitude plus constant contact and ready help which you so readily offer. I’m really impressed with your approach. The fact that you just do not sell the system and then forget the purchaser rates highly with me. Your constant contact and caring attitude impresses me sooo much!

I’m happy I bought this system because I refer to it constantly – shot a 65 net last Wednesday (16 January) and confidently feel I’m going to reduce my handicap (22) by a healthy amount this year.

Thank you for all your help. I wish you every success and hope you experience a great 2002 in health, wealth and happiness.”

Alby Hirst
Auckland, New Zealand

“This “Draw” System has enabled me to approach the tee with confidence knowing I now have this shot in my bag. When playing different courses, it makes a big difference because I am not limited to just one ball flight, so I can fire at greens and flags more often thus looking forward to lower scores.

Also this system has given me new confidence when I am playing. Knowing when I get off track, which we all will from time to time, I have the basics to return to and especially the drills to reinforce what I have been learning. Words are one thing, but if you are visually orientated as I am, the pictures make The “Draw” System so much better.

I have picked up an additional 10-15 yards with the draw. And when the ball hits the fairway you know it is going to continue to turn over for additional yardage. What I like best in the system was the photography plus the fact you continue to review what one has been studying. This is great reinforcement.

Hitting a draw equals distance meaning more delight in the game of golf. While others are gripping and complaining when they hit a bad shot, and all of us will from time to time, I always have something to fall back on to get back on track quicker now.”

Mark Howard
Tennessee, USA

“I’ve been playing golf for 31 years now and I’ve always sliced the ball. I tried everything to fix it and out of desperation I tried your system. I’m now very happy to report back that after following your instructions I can now consistently draw the ball!

It’s amazing how much further the ball goes when it’s hit with a draw and how much more fun golf is when you’re playing from the fairway regularly.

I highly recommend this system to any golfer who want’s to learn how to consistently draw the ball. If it can teach me to hit consistent draws it can teach anyone!”

Jac Holt
Manager – Two Under Club
Auckland, New Zealand

“I used to hit the ball either straight or with a slight fade. I could never determine what the outcome would be. Now I hit the ball more straight with a slight draw at the end. This system has also helped with the pre-shot routine to hit consistent shots.

On average I am hitting the ball 10 meters further with my driver and between 5 and 10 meters with the irons. It has helped me to hit shorter irons into the green with more accuracy.

The most frustrating part of golf is the unexpected outcome of some shots. With this system there are less surprises which make a round of golf more fun.”

David De Jager
Limpopo, South Africa

“All woods are now a ‘draw’ from the tee to fairway. A push or two but no slices, good-bye slice! I can now walk to my shots with confidence knowing 9 times out of 10 they will move with more distance and more control.

When I hit the ball I can sense my fellow player watching with intent. ‘Why does he setup the way he does?’ Answer. Buy the “Draw” System.

This entire system has increased my irons by between 20 to 25 yards. I can now be on the green on a par 4 quite comfortably having my 2nd shot with anything from a 6 iron to sometimes a pitching wedge.

Before I stared the system I was erratic from a slice, to a hook/draw, a straight push a complete cycle of frustration. Now 2 factors. A draw or a straight drive. Irons a draw or straight.

I am happy knowing I have a unique system. I have been asked about it but I encourage people to purchase it to appreciate it.

I enjoy not losing as many balls. I enjoyed dropping 9 shots after my 5th drill, believe it or not, I just love those long straight drives. Thank you heaps.”

Paki Waretini
Northland, New Zealand

“Believe it or not, I’m only up to DAY 10 in your system. I (actually you), however, have cured my slice already. The only two significant changes I’ve made (consistently) are my grip and alignment. Those two things alone are allowing me to get off the tee and basically down the middle. THANKS!!!!!

The difference is so dramatic that my friends insist that I must have been taking ‘secret’ lessons.

I’ve taken lessons from three different pros and none of them were able to cure my slice. You did it in the first 10 days of your system.

Of course, since I’ve only been playing golf since February of last year (2001), I haven’t had the opportunity to see too much anyway. Actually, this is really incorrect since I’ve searched the Internet for just about anything to help my game; videos, tips, etc. Your system, had I found and purchased it a year ago, would have saved me a lot of ‘surfing’ time.”

Dick Jacques
California, USA

“The biggest benefit’s of this system is that it has helped me to draw the ball with my irons 8-3 and woods 5-3 and sometimes my driver – where I get more distance.

The exercises were easy to perform and results came with practice. With my irons I’m gaining 20-25 yards extra distance. With my 3 wood I now consistently draw the ball and gain 25 yards or more.

When I manage to draw the ball with my driver I can gain 20 yards easily. Because I use a long driver (50in shaft and Titanium Head) I generally hit the ball straight with a big smooth swing. But I need to get the swing plane right to consistently draw the ball.

I’ve never seen anything like this before because it’s more extensive – with a logical progression. And I’m happy I’ve bought it because I can refer back to it to brush up or review the fundamentals etc.

I enjoy playing golf anyway but naturally the level of enjoyment goes up when you get more distance and accuracy. I am struggling being consistent though as my handicap has gone from a 13 to 8!!

Peter Quinn
New Plymouth, New Zealand

“This system has given me longer controlled shots. On average my shots are going 20 yards longer. But most important I am hitting some super shots compared with my averages. Specifically with the driver.

I haven’t seen anything like this system and what makes it different is that it absolutely focuses on one thing and is very practical and to the point.”

Ayman Hussein
Cairo, Egypt

“This system sure has improved my consistency. Mostly straight now with hardly ever a slice any more. It was simple, easy and made the game more enjoyable. I’ve gained 20 yards on drives and one iron less into the green. THANKS!!!!

John Graham
Missouri, USA

“The first time I used the system the result was dramatic. I was a terrible slicer and had difficulty producing a reasonable drive. After the twenty one days I followed the system to the letter and produced straight drives. As yet, have not produced the draw but the slice is all but eliminated.

The “Draw” System has set a specific standard for me to follow in playing the golf shot. That standard has given me confidence to play shots. In the past it was continual trial and error.

I found the instructions well illustrated and for the first time I have had explained the importance of various techniques and what goes wrong if they are not adhered to.”

Edward Creasy
Wellington, New Zealand

“I am finally hitting my drives consistently in the fairway. But not just my drives all my shots. Driving the ball most importantly straighter but also longer. The “Draw” System has not only taught me to draw the ball, what it really has done is taught me to swing correctly. This has helped me hit all my shots better. My one piece low and slow take-away has helped me to hit my irons cleanly on a consistent basis.

My distance on my drives is already more than 30 yards further and I know I’m not done yet since I only completed the program earlier this week. Also my irons are at least a club longer because my whole swing is better and my confidence is growing every day.

I don’t slice the ball anymore, do you know what that’s done for my game too not be in trouble after my 1st shot. Before The “Draw” System I would be slicing even my 7 iron at times.

The instructions were the best I ever read. For example, I have read so much about how important the grip is. And I have also taken 3 sets of lessons ( 5 lessons each at $160 a set) but it was not until I did The “Draw” System was I able to get it right and keep it right. And maybe even more important was your instructions on rolling my right wrist. Ben Hogan had some crazy term for it that I never understood but it seems like that’s why I never got rid of my slice until I completed The “Draw” System.

There is no doubt that what I liked the best was the drills. I think that’s what made it work so well and I think the step by step process with a drill to help you apply each step is what made the difference.

I started playing golf 2 years ago and I love it. But after completing the course I enjoy the game more because I am playing so much better. Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you. I realized after the 1st week of the system that you weren’t just teaching me to draw the ball you were teaching me the correct way to swing.”

Tom Duggan
New Jersey, USA

“After 2 months incorporating The “Draw” System in my game the consistency in my long irons/woods has been the biggest improvement, I love the simplicity of the drills and every time I get into trouble, I just recall all the checks and pointers you have outlined. Thanks a million….I’m happy!!!

The photo’s showing the positions were very helpful and I like the way you repeat a fundamental as the lessons proceed from grip to final finish.

I was playing last Thursday with the same foursome the past month and to their surprise/shock they could not believe how I’m averaging 240 yards with the driver, at least a 20 yard improvement…that was a yardstick I’m proud of coz I’m 54 years old and only been in the game for 8 months.

My foursome used to give me a nickname…the “banana king” coz my slices were awesome…now it’s hardly there any more, and my short irons are straighter now than before I got the system…when you explained the setup, ball position it really helped my game.

The drills have been fantastic, this system is perfect for me, thanks again for the help.”

Jack Deguzman
California, USA

Just thought I would let you know that I purchased your draw system about a year ago. Althought I don’t have the suggested amount of time, I do practice the drills when I can and I have achieved very good results, albiet over a longer period.

Two things caused me to write to you. One was that I met a new golf friend a little while ago and we went to the range at lunch to hit a few balls. He is a 9 handicapper and he commented on my ball flight being a consistant slight draw, in stark contrast to the fade/slice I used to hit before The Draw Blueprint.

The other thing is that I have played a few unofficial comps with a social group recently. My tee shots were always on the fairway, and a good number of greens were hit in regulation. That is a completely different game to a year ago. I still have a few areas to work on, distance control, reading greens, etc. But the dreaded slice is history.

John Saunders
NSW, Australia

“This “Draw” System is helping me to hit a lot more balls down the fairway and not slicing them as I had been. I think it’s because I’m more aware of what I’m doing in the swing at impact. And one of the biggest benefits of this system is that it made me concentrate and stay focused.

Now I’m hitting my drives and iron shots up to 20 meters further. This has reduced the number of shots per round and I’m starting to see my handicap coming down. Also I no longer play military golf (left, right, left, right) as I did when I first started.

After finishing this system I am enjoying playing more because I’m getting more satisfaction and less frustration out of my game. Making a good shot means that I don’t take any baggage to the next shot, which means I’m more relaxed in my game.

People are starting to ask me what I’m doing to improve my game, so it’s being noticed that my attitude has changed as well as my game. I hope some of them have taken my advice and contacted you.”

Katie Beddek
Wellington, New Zealand

I’m proud to tell you that I was drawing my drives all day long, from right to center, with more than enough distance–and it’s been only 5 days since I began your draw system.

It was about 40 degrees here in mid-Missouri today so the balls were cold and not flying too far.

Still, I’m excited about my average distance gains but even more amazed at the accuracy I am achieving with this strange but wonderful new draw pattern.

What turned the trick were your drills on releasing the club. They are excellent and just what the doctor ordered for my push-fade drives. I could never figure out (nor could my local pro) why I was drawing all my irons, including 7, 8, and 9, but hardly ever the driver.

I played a friendly scramble today with my three golfing buddies, and their eyes popped out when I cruised along in “draw mode.” They quit early because of the cold; however, I continued out of pure enjoyment of striking the ball sweetly and accurately. Split the fairway on the first 3 holes with a nice swinging draw. I did exaggerate the stance a bit, but that’s giving me the feeling of my right hand and arm climbing over my left.

My back feels turned to the target more and my hands and arms are working down freely and releasing against a firm left side. What a super feeling. I will continue working through all the drills and keep you informed on my progress. But the system works for those who persevere.

I’m proof of that.

Thank you for taking the time to pick together an outstanding system that should work for many golfers who are struggling to find their swings. I assume that as I continue to draw or even hook the ball, I will be bringing my stance back to square, releasing the club as I have been today? And then playing the ball more off my left heel and less toward the middle.

The system suggests that a golfer may become too active with his hands and overdo the release.


If I find myself overcooking the draw and hooking, I’ll square the body up and swing more down the line instead of out. I’m sure my “feel” will tell me how to balance out the legs and hands. I am also sure the development of my torso and stomach muscles, along with greater strength in my wrists and forearms will improve my swing speed so that I’ll be knocking them out there close to 300 by springtime and continue to shoot closer to scratch golf. (I’m a 2 handicap now.)

By the way, I was knocking pins down today and sinking a few putts. So the overall effect of The Draw Blueprint improved my confidence in other departments of my game, too. You’ll never know how grateful I am. You charge way too little for your system! Thanks for all your help, John.

John Butcher
Missouri, USA

“I have been fighting a huge “banana slice” since I began playing golf again after 40 years absence. It was very frustrating. The slice manifest itself on my drives mostly. With your system I have almost eliminated this slice.

The “Draw” System has taken an average of seven strokes off my game, and I have only been using it for about four weeks.

The pictures and the instructions were very clear and easy to follow. I tried taking some lessons from the pro at one of the courses I play on, but your e-book was much easier to follow than his verbal instructions. I also was much less nervous working on my own, without some one looking over my shoulder.

I have added about 15 yards to each club with The “Draw” System. This has made it possible for me to ease up a little on my swing so that I can be a little more controlled. Also I can now figure out just how to line up. It used to be a crap shoot. Now I can be fairly confident that my ball will end up close to where I want it to.

The best thing about The “Draw” System is that it gives me a number of check points that I can depend on to set up and get ready for each shot. It gives me confidence that I am doing the right thing.

There are many different systems out there, but this one is unique in that it is very specific and doesn’t take hours of dreary practice.

I’ve always enjoyed the game of golf, but it is a lot more fun when you aren’t stressing over the thought of slicing over the trees into the next fairway. The “Draw” System is definitely worth the price, probably worth ten times as much. Thanks for getting rid of my banana slice.”

Charles Wettengel
California, USA

“I am now hitting more fairways than ever before. I only slice maybe twice a round now and this is only when I fall back into old habits. Also I have gained about 15-20 yards which gives me shorter second shots.

I used to hit maybe 3 fairways in an 18 hole round but now I miss only 2 in a round and sometimes none.

This system was easy to read and follow instructions. The drills were simple and anybody ought to be able to read and understand the directions.

I must say it’s a lot more fun to play from the fairways than always from the rough on the right side.”

J D Price
Louisina, USA

“This system has helped me to become more consistent. I am not getting the wide variance from duck hook to the banana slice. I feel that I am getting more punch into the ball and my shots are straighter. My confidence in my shots now has increased with the ball going where I am aiming.

I found the instructions easy to follow and I am now hitting my 3 wood and 3 iron further than I can ever remember plus I am hitting the ball straighter.

I am more confident I will hit the target and I am not trying to hit it as hard, relying on my swing and timing to give me control and distance. Also I am in less trouble with more time on the fairway.

What I liked best about the system is that all facets of the swing and grip are laid out clearly making it easy to sort out what you need to do to improve your shots. You also emphasize clearly what is essential for me to do to hit good shots. I did not find anything I didn’t like about the system and I want to take in everything you can teach me.

I have seen and I have many other golf programs. However your course/program seems to cover what you should be doing. It takes the guess work out as all your drills explain why it is necessary. I am happy I have bought this system and I enjoy playing more after buying this system as I can see great improvement.

I have been to professional coaches before and some could not explain the drills as well as your system has done. Several things have clicked for me giving me the knowledge of what I now need to do in practice and I am looking forward to more practice to make perfect.”

Ray Wilson
Auckland, New Zealand

“After completing this system my miss-hits still occur but more often they are still in play. I am now hitting more fairways and more long iron shots to greens. And the biggest benefits I got from this system is greater consistency and confidence.

I really like the simple straight forward approach of this system and of course the results. Everything else I’ve seen is not as simple and as easy to follow. Every other game improvement product seems to lack a system.

I worked fairly hard at improving my game previously, reading Leadbetter etc., but never was able to produce a better swing. Had a big fade off the tee, could hit it long but often in a pressure situation I tried to steer the ball and got some really nasty results. But with this “Draw” System I am seeing better results, quicker and with less effort.”

Bruce Gullett
Manitoba, Canada

“With this system I have got rid of my slice and I am hitting my shots consistently straighter. And now I have this system I am able to look up your info & get an answer to rectify a particular problem immediately.

Since getting this system and getting rid of my slice my woods in particular have increased in distance by at least 30% plus I have better rhythm now.

What I liked the best about this system was it had easy to understand instructions, photographs and exercises. And the best thing about owning it is the fact it is always on hand for ready reference. Also it is much cheaper than going to a professional.

I am on a 20 handicap and a few weeks ago as a result of following your info I finished 10 over par! Thanks.”

Bob Meale
Tauranga, New Zealand

“I am now hitting the ball further with more accuracy and with better results. Because of this I am able to use a shorter club thus increasing accuracy. It’s also allowed me to swing the club easier.

Before this system I had a tendency to hit high fades, now I’m hitting the ball straighter and at times with a slight draw.

This system is easy to implement and the diagrams were the biggest asset. With my greater consistency and better scoring I am enjoying playing golf more.”

Jeff Goodman
South Carolina, USA

“I’d like to take the opportunity to say how great the system has been for me. When I first got it, I saved it off and didn’t really look at it until this spring. It hasn’t just helped me to hit a draw, but has greatly improved my ball-striking in general. I’m getting on a much better swing plane now, and hitting the ball much further with less effort.

I’ve easily gained 15 yards on all my clubs, no exaggeration, and my swing just seems much smoother and more fluid. Another benefit was after the long winter layoff (long winters here in Germany) my swing was horrible. The exercises were a great benefit in getting my swing back on track, then improving it from where it was last year! Thanks — Pete”

Peter Saccuman

“I bought your system on April 21, 2004. After downloading it from the Internet, I started day 1. Day 2, I went to the golf course and played a few holes, after finishing the drill. I hit straight shots that day!

Within 24 hours of starting your system, I was a believer. I’ve played golf for about 35 years. Being left-handed, I was convinced that golf courses were set up for right handers. The club choices were limited years ago (much better now) and I struggled with breaking 100. I eventually got to the point where I would shoot 85-92 all the time. I didn’t trust my driver, so I used 3-woods and irons off the tee. A lot of chipping on, hoping the ball got close enough for a makeable par putt. The positive part of that is my chipping and putting are pretty good…

It’s been 2 1/2 weeks since I’ve started your system. I may slice once or twice a round now, my shots are indeed longer and much more fun to walk up to after hitting. The right side of the fairway is brand new territory for me!

And, the course now sets up for a left-hander with a draw!

My driver works well for me now. I enjoy hitting it, rather than dreading it and the second shot is truly 2-4 clubs shorter to the green, and in much better position, for it’s normally in the fairway! I use the 3 wood off the tee now only because my driver sometimes is too long. Three days ago, I shot my best score ever on my home course’s back nine – a 41, when I usually am happy with a 45.

The day before that, I birdied our toughest par 4 hole on the front, with a five iron from 175 yards out, after a 225 yard drive, that went straight at the flag and stopped 5 feet away. I’ve never birdied that hole before, nonetheless being on in two. I am looking forward to the real chance of making my dream come true – to finally break 80, to get my handicap down to single digits, and to enjoy every round of golf, knowing that I can hit the ball straighter and longer than ever before.

I thank you for your system. It explained details well – how and why the ball does what it does – is simple to follow and results come very quickly. I don’t care about anyone else…YOU DA MAN!!”

Steve Stafford
Tulare, California, USA

“I have not had the system for very long and I am still working on it but so far it has straightened my shots up. And I have got rid of my automatic fade. I am a 10 handicapper golfer but never have been a big hitter of the ball. It is interesting that since I have started on your program I have got very close to hitting the longest drive on competition day at our club.

The instructions are very easy to understand and I now understand more about my golf swing and what I was doing.

I like the way your system goes about getting you to do exercises which in turn will make you do what you have to do automatically on the golf course. And I must say that after I started reading it I had some sleepless nights because it made me excited about my golf. I could see some potential for improving my game.”

Mike Jackson
Auckland, New Zealand

“I enjoy playing golf more after getting this system as I can put the ball in the fairway more consistently with the driver. And what I liked the best about The “Draw” System was the little by little a day approach.

Most of the times when I am working with a pro, he tries to give me too much for me to change in one day. On the other hand I am also to blame, as I am paying him by the hour, I also want to squeeze the most out of him to make the most out of the money paid. Now as I am paying for the book only a fixed sum, I can avoid this.”

Escode Yuen
Hong Kong, China

“Before getting The “Draw” System I had developed a nasty slice and, over the past 6 months, have tried everything to get rid of it again. Nothing worked except the slice.

Now I feel much more confident when I address the ball and my game has improved remarkably. I can now hit the ball more consistently off the tee and the fairway.

I found the instructions very easy to follow because I have been playing golf for a number of years now and have a reasonable understanding for the technical elements of a swing. Having said that, my 7 year old son (with limited knowledge) had no problem either. If he didn’t understand something, the pictures clarified it for him quickly.

The “Draw” System has gotten me to slow things down a bit, put everything in the right place and be aware of what my entire body is doing (before, during and after the strike).

As I have said, the slice has gone, and I generally feel comfortable about the ball ending up where I envisage it should. Before The “Draw” System, I had no confidence in me hitting the ball anywhere near I was aiming it. Golf is a mind game, and your system as eased my mind “no end”!

I have never had lessons or formal instructions. I have read Tiger Woods book and got a few tips from that, but it was nowhere as efficient as this system.

I have never bought anything off the Internet before. I am glad that I did this. It certainly has put my mind at ease when I head off to the club on a Saturday morning. Thanks!”

Lyall Wilson
Waikato, New Zealand

“This system has taken me from sprayin my drives all over the place to being able to put my shots on or near the fairway with some measure of consistency. I have much control over where the ball goes now. When I played last Friday my buddies noticed that I’m hitting them better.

I love the confidence I have in my game now. Before I just wanted to hit the ball. Now I hit that pretty draw and my friends say OOOOOHHH!!!”

Terrell Raymond
Mississippi, USA

“This system has given me a better understanding of the mechanics of the swing which I could not get through lessons. After completing this system my drives are much straighter, but the biggest benefit has been with my fairway woods.

This system is a ready reference for anytime I want to refresh the mechanics of my swing. I have seen similar instructions in other books etc. but never laid out in the same detailed way as your system.

This “Draw” System has given me more enjoyment because I finally feel I can work the ball either way now. I’m on a 10.5 hcp and The “Draw” System is what I need to help me get down to a single figure handicap.”

Don Bilderbeck
Auckland, New Zealand

“Although the system is meant to improve your draw, in fact it has improved other areas of my game e.g. my setup and accuracy. I am now consistently hitting the ball cleanly and going in the direction I want it to. I think these are the benefits of the various drills and exercises you suggested.

The “Draw” System has narrowed the exercise and search for improving my game because everything is presented in a neat package without having to search all of them individually.

Being new to the game I did wonder why certain drills and exercises were recommended. In the end I did find out they were great. The instructions are explained very simply and easy to follow but as I said I did wonder initially what they had to do with trying to draw the ball. The answers came in the end.

I used to slice the ball badly before but now I can hit it straight or if it goes right it is not as bad as before, at least it still stays on the fairway. It is a great feeling to see that ball stay on the fairway.”

Niumaia Tabunakawai
Suva, Fiji

“I am now hitting my drives & long irons a lot more solidly than before, time after time.

This system has given me new confidence every time I step up to the ball. And it was very easy to understand, it’s amazing how commonsense they are when you have them written in front of you.

I am still not yet consistently drawing the ball but the one’s that don’t draw are going dead straight. I haven’t hit a slice for about 3 or 4 weeks now.

What I liked the best about the system was the speed with which it starts working, you can see results almost immediately, this gives you the motivation to keep going.

I’ve only had coaching tips before, but you can’t continually refer back to them like you can with The “Draw” System.”

Bryce Cottle
Auckland, New Zealand

“My driving and fairway shots are straighter after using this “Draw” System. I am a retired teacher and you use many teaching strategies that help students remember: repetition and review at the end and the beginning of the next lesson.

All in all your instructions were worth the price. I’m not hitting a draw yet, but straight isn’t bad!”

Jerry Hopkins
Washington, USA

“My consistency has improved since using The “Draw” System and the contact on the ball is much sweeter and I’m hitting it further. The biggest benefits of this system is the distance on my drives and the ball flight drawing most of the time.

As I was a slicer I was never near the fairway. Now I can draw the ball and I am hitting more fairways and hitting at least 50-70 meters further. I have always wanted to hit a draw. I have had many lessons but yet I still sliced the ball. I can now hit a draw and that is very rewarding for me.

The instructions are very easy to understand. And I found each lesson easy to follow and also easy to read. I liked how you repeated many points.

Before this system I used to get frustrated as I was trying to play a draw but sliced it even further. But now I can hit a draw. I have really enjoyed your program, and wonder why other golf pro’s have not taught me the way you have. Thank you for the opportunity to try out your program.”

Graham Stott
Dunedin, New Zealand

“This system has improved my consistency because now I know which way my ball will fly. It has also made my ball-striking more solid and makes it easier for me to diagnose my misses.

Before I started this system, I wouldn’t know which way my ball was going to go. But since using The “Draw” System I’ve developed a more consistent ball flight pattern.

The instructions were very easy to understand and the photos made them even easier to follow.

I have always enjoyed playing golf but this system has made me look forward to playing even more because now I can actually put myself in a position to score.”

Aaron Kwock
California, USA

“This system has improved my consistency as I now get a much more solid strike. And the biggest benefits I got from this system is that it’s improved my confidence. The step-by-step instructions were easy to understand and follow, even for beginners.

This system has increased the distance I now hit my shots as when I hit fade or slices I tend to hit the ball off the heel and the draw now gives me a much more solid strike.

This system has turned my swing from being very flat to more upright which has helped me to hit the ball straighter. What I liked best about the system was the easy to follow instructions.

The pictures even the one’s for left handers are beneficial and I don’t think that you could improve the system. For the price (the cost of 2 lessons from a pro) you have a book to refer to forever. And I’m very happy I’ve bought it as it is with you all the time. You can refer back to any instructions at anytime. I don’t think I can enjoy playing golf any more than I do now. Thanks.”

Bruce Anderson
Bayview, New Zealand

“I have only just started the system but so far it has improved my consistency in my iron shots – 5 iron through sand wedge. Consistent with a slight draw and longer. Many of my iron shots used to go right with inconsistent distance. 90% now go straight with a slight draw and better distance consistency. It is the simplest of golf instruction books that I have ever read.”

Cliff Reily
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“The instructions are very clear and easy to understand. And the diagrams are particularly helpful. I’m very happy I bought it and the best thing about it is I should have an advantage over my playing mates once I have completely mastered the system. No question about value for money – it’s great.

Donald Penrose
Auckland, New Zealand

“It cured my slice but also it teached me how to draw the ball (some of my teachers claimed I would never be able to draw the ball). Now if I miss the ball it goes straight. If I hit it correctly I have a draw.

The day by day system gives you the opportunity to learn at your own speed. If you don’t have the time or you didn’t succeed in the exercise you can practice it for 2 or more days if one wants and then continue with the next day.

All my teachers said to flatten my backswing, to move the ball forward in my stance…to draw the ball. This does just the opposite and it really gives fast results. From the first day I could see some improvement and after the exaggerated setup I started to hook/draw the ball. The only thing you have to do is be a little patient for the consistency.”

Danny Ven
Antwerp, Belgium

“This system has improved my consistency in all aspects from lesson One to the finish. The biggest benefits of this system is that it has reduced my slice a whole lot, as before every time I teed my shot I sliced all the time from left to right being a right hander.

All pages from lesson One to the final day were easy to follow and I took this system to the practice range every time I went there. Completing this system has increased my distance a lot with all my clubs from wedge to the driver. With the driver I have gained fifty yards as before my best distance was 150 yards with the slice.

I liked everything written in the book which I very seldom put down. I have not seen anything like it before. I have magazines on golf, books, video’s but nothing like the “Draw System.”

I’m very happy to have sent away for it because it saves me money instead of having to pay for a pro to teach me. Plus the best thing about owning it is that I can turn to any page I’m having difficulty with and read up on it.

I enjoy playing golf more after reading the “Draw System” and I’m getting positive comments from other players I’ve played with about my game. I got this system in February on a 29 handicap which I was shooting around 115 to 120. Now I am on a 25 handicap shooting 90 -96, thanking you once again.”

Parakaia Smith
Mt Maungaui, New Zealand

“This system has given me greater consistency and now I have very few slices. I most certainly enjoy playing golf more after going through this system. Although I am still getting used to doing things differently I am certainly showing improvement and when things aren’t going right I can check back on the lessons.

This system is very easy to understand. Good explanations and photos helped in a big way. Summaries at the end of each lesson were great. The big difference with this system from others I’ve seen is that you do everything on a daily basis and so you can check on your progress.”

Kevin Maher
Wellington, New Zealand

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“Before I started the system my ball had so much spin on it that once it hit the ground it used to break to the right immediately. I now hit the ball straighter than ever before.

When I tried this out for the first time I hit a few balls and was totally astonished by the flight of the ball. I tell you that if I had held my finger up in front of my nose along the flight of the ball, I would not have seen the ball at all, that’s how straight the ball flight was. Amazing.

And because my shots are straighter they are going longer. I am starting to feel like one of those elderly people who play up the middle all the time.

I feel proud to be walking down the fairways now while my playing partners are floundering around in the trees. Also my second shots into the green are improving each time I play.

I found the instructions very easy to read along with the photos. I think the use of arrows to point out particular points in the photo’s is great. Now I know what I am looking at exactly.

The drills are quite simple to do, and you can even do some of them inside. My family thought I had gone nuts when they saw my sitting on the couch practicing my grip and watching the Masters at the same time, followed by the setup and alignment drills.”

Richard Hampton
Manawatu, New Zealand

“My swing is more consistent now. I have totally eliminated my “slice” problem. Now I know how to draw and fade the ball “deliberately”, and make straighter shots. It made me a better and confident golf player, lowered my scores, and eliminated me embarrassing slice problem.

I’ve read lots of magazines, and even bought Butch Harmon’s DVD. However, The “Draw” System helped me a lot to further develop my skills and enhance my swing. Very detailed info surely helped me a lot. I’ve never seen or heard anything like it.

I was uncomfortable, then there was a negative feeling before because of my slice problem. But now, I feel proud and sometimes showing off to my fellow golfers of what I could do during the round.

I really want to thank you for the technical information through The “Draw” System. I really appreciate what you’ve shared to further improve my golf. It’s worth it!”

Jun C. De Jesus
Manila, Philippines

“After completing the system I can reasonably expect my next shot to be from the fairway. And now I have confidence in my shot making hence better scoring. Also this system has given me approx 10 to 20 extra meters off the tee which also means my second shot is now from the fairway instead of the rough.

My setup position is completely the opposite to before & as a result the out of bounds down the left hand side of the my home course doesn’t worry me now (yes I’m a leftie). And as I have written previously thanks for remembering the left handers. So often we are left out (excuse the pun).

The combined use of text & pictures enabled me to easily understand the methodology behind your instructions.”

Graig Foley
Otago, New Zealand

“I am now able to hit the ball more solidly. This system has given me a framework of things to work on. It’s clear and simple and you can feel and see the improvement.”

Nigel Lampe
New South Wales, Australia

“With my irons and woods I now consistently draw the ball and have gained at least 30 yards. Now I know how to draw the ball with all my clubs and I really improved my game accordingly.

Now I am more confident and I really enjoy playing golf as I know how to control the distance and accuracy. I have come down from a 24 handicap to a 19 in only 2 competitions!!!

This system is really easy to follow and understand the instructions and it is done step by step and day by day. Progressively we learn how to change our technique and it is really fruitful. The explanations and pictures are very detailed and it is very easy to understand how to manage The “Draw” System. Sometimes we don’t understand right now the goal of some drills but when we try them the result gives the answer!

Honestly I was struggling with my slice for years and this was the first time I saw such an efficient system.

I am now fully confident about my game and I really enjoy golf as I know I will draw the ball and that I will gain distance, accuracy and confidence.”

Fabien Niget
Geneva, Switzerland

“Just thought I would drop you a line with a wee story. I retired in March 1998, in April 1999 I bought a new set of clubs and joined my first club (Waimairi Beach) here in Christchurch. I used to play the very occassional round with work mates previously, the last game being 18 months prior to joining Waimairi. Of my first 13 rounds 10 of them were over 100.

I have refused to have any lessons, wanting to work things out for myself. Being a natural slicer I was attracted by your ‘draw system’ course, which I purchased last June. I am now playing on a 6 handicap.

Last Tuesday you sent me an email in which you included the ‘subliminal music’. Well last night I downloaded it and listened to side one. Today I went out and played my best round ever …….. a 1 over par 73, needless to say I am quite chuffed, coincidence …. who knows. Of course I am well aware that I cannot consider that I have ‘arrived’ so to speak. As we all know this is a game of constant application and goal setting (if you want to improve) and I’m not 64 yet so who knows !!”

David Hearn
Christchurch, New Zealand

“Before this system I had a nasty hook and by reading your book it has helped me to hit a more controlled draw or hit it straight. Also I think it has helped me understand why the ball reacts in certain ways and how to fix the problem. Plus I now understand how to create more lag in my swing and have increased my distances on all clubs.

I used to play one good round and then two or three bad rounds. Now that I have completed The “Draw” System I’ve been more consistent with my play.”

Robbie Boodle
South Carolina, USA

“I’m now hitting most of my drives straight down the middle and I now know what it’s like to hit from the fairway! My slice was killing my distance. I’m hitting the ball 50 yards further now and straight.

I liked the way this system was broken down into little pieces that you could focus on each day. And after this system I enjoy play golf more because the game’s much more fun when you can find your ball.”

Denis Thompson
Pennsylvania, USA

“This system has helped me to almost completely eliminate my slice. As a result I am staying in the fairways now and I have more control which helps me plan my shots better now.

The manual is very detailed and complete. And the instructions were very easy to understand and the details that you provide in the pictures are excellent.”

Dave Jennings
Colarado, USA

“The written instructions were easy to follow and you provided explanations as to why a drill was necessary and what the drill was designed to do. The photographs were essential to enable me to visualize the written instructions.

By using the drills I have gained more accuracy & distance on all clubs. Also much increased confidence when hitting shots. My swing is now much more on plane. Previously I had a bad slice and now I am able to hit straighter on most shots.

I have seen coaching videos before but this is different because it caters for the average golfer as well as for the better ones. Learners can understand instructions easily.

I am happy I’ve bought it because my average scores per round has reduced and my game has improved! Also I have much more consistency when playing.”

Dennis Lay
Christchurch, New Zealand

“I am now hitting the ball more than 17 yards to my prior distance and it’s landing in the “middle ” of the fairways. Now there are some par 5 that looks like par 4.

This system was very easy to understand. After it I have 20 more yards on my drives, hitting the middle of the fairways, hit with a draw or straight if I want and lower scores…that’s enjoying the golf game.”

Lloyd Diaz
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

“The “Draw” System is great! It gives me a clear picture to work on every phase of the golf swing. Being able to work on a problem and break down the area to work on is of great benefit. This system is very helpful.

It’s given me drills to work on and the isolation of swing segments is of great benefit. You can improve greatly by following the program closely and reduce the need for a personal eye.

The instructions are very easy to follow. If you have a question from not understanding the written portion there are many powerful photos to learn from in every phase of the golf swing. I have not seen an instructional package as complete and easy to follow.

This system has increased distance for me by as many as 3 club selections without feeling that I am over swinging. It has helped my tempo knowing the positions I need to be in during the golf swing.

I enjoy working on the mechanics now more than ever. I have always enjoyed working on my game but not as much since I got involved with The “Draw” System. The “Draw” System gives me ‘The Process’ to focus on instead of the target.

I highly recommend this system for any level of player. If anyone would like to e-mail me for thoughts it would be OK. Golf is such a fun game to enjoy for a lifetime. Everyone can enjoy better golf if they want it. The “Draw” System is easy rewarding. Thanks.”

Brad Bramer
Nevada, USA

“I just started the system less than 2 weeks ago and have just been practicing with it. I have already noticed that I am striking the ball better. Each time I have practiced I noticed an improvement in my ball striking and feel that I am hitting the ball more solid and therefore have increased my distance.

I like the idea of following a system that I can work with. The instructions are easier to follow than most and the drills are helping me to get a better understanding of what I was looking for.”

Tim McAleer
New York, USA

“This “Draw” System has improved my consistency and I am able to contact the ball on a better swing plane. Also I have increased yardage now and the ball rolls out longer than my previous fade. The draw obviously adds distance during the roll out.

The pictures that came along with the instructions allowed one to visualize the drills that were required for the day. And the drills were designed to be completed in 21 days but if followed faithfully a marked improvement was noticeable in that short period of time.

After this system I enjoy playing golf more because any time you have a better chance of hitting consistent shots always makes the game more fun.”

Rob Langner
Ontario, Canada

“The “Draw” System has improved my consistency. I am able to keep my drives on the fairway with more distance which makes my second shot easier while approaching the green.

The biggest benefits The “Draw” System has done for my game is to increase distance and accuracy with all shots. The “Draw” System has increased my distance on all shots by 15 to 30 yards! Thirty yards with the driver all the way down to 15 with the sand wedge.

What I liked the best about The “Draw” System is that it works! I have tried all types of gadgets and read tips from all different magazines as well as taken lessons. None of them worked. Not until I found The “Draw” System.

I have seen different systems which claim to fix your golf slice but none of these have worked for me. The “Draw” System works! In it are easy to follow instructions and there are very good pictures for a visual explanation to go along with the print.

I enjoy playing golf more since completing The “Draw” System because I can predict where my shots are going instead of wondering where my shots will end up. Thank You!!!”

Shawn Lett
Texas, USA

“My consistency has improved because of this system and I now feel that I have a better understanding of the path a golf club should follow. Also I can now generally keep the ball on the fairway.

The instructions were easy to understand and follow and being a left hander I appreciated the photo’s and comments applicable to lefties. I am sure than anyone who followed the instructions could not help but succeed in hitting a draw.

This system has increased the distance I hit my shots particularly with my irons and 3 wood – 15 to 20 yards on average. I am also hitting the ball straighter and by being able to hit a draw I have for the most part done away with my fade/slice.

This system is a handy reference to keep me “on” track. Also I have 2 young grandsons who come out with me and I now feel I can describe to them the shape of a swing. It was frustrating to continually fade/slice and it’s most satisfying to keep more shots on the fairway now.”

Wally Irving
Gisborne, New Zealand

“This system has improved my consistency especially with my driver. I have almost stopped slicing with all my woods and hitting much straighter and longer than before. It has given me more confidence because now most of my drives are on the fairway which gives me more distance, say 20 or 50 yards further.

I like the way it is explained and the photographs give you a clear picture of what you should be doing.

I have played golf for over 30 years and my slice has always been a problem. I was down to a 16 hcp when I played a lot years ago. Now I play on a 20 and mostly score in the 90’s. Last Sunday I played and scored a 86 which I am sure is due to the ‘Draw’ System helping me hit the ball straighter. Many thanks.”

Alan Dent
Ashburton, New Zealand

“I feel this system has helped with the consistency of my drives. For the last couple of weeks I have been hitting longer and more accurate shots off the tee box. I played last week at a course that I had played previously a few weeks back. I took 12 strokes off my game compared to last time I played there and I absolutely noticed improvement with my driving.”

James Rogers
Kentucky, USA

“This system has improved my consistency and I am hitting my irons much more precisely. It has also increased my distance on average of one club. Also I feel a lot more confident hitting longer irons into the green.

I enjoy playing golf more after this system because I am scoring better and I have a better command of my shots.”

Kristopher McCoy
Illinois, USA

“The “Draw” System has very much improved my consistency and my ball striking. I am very pleased with the system and I am certain it has increased my distance by at least 25-30 yards.

It was easy to follow and you gave details on the smallest things that are sometimes lacking in other articles etc. It was very systematic and I think that helps.”

Randy Caldwell
Missouri, USA

“It has improved my consistency and my shots are more straight, no slices. I have also gained about 20 meters in distance and my handicap has restarted improving again.

The instructions are very easy to follow lesson by lesson. Keep on helping golfers to enjoy more and more this wonderful exercise.”

Antonio Cruz

“I have picked up golf seriously at the age of 43. The “Draw” System has enabled me to understand what goes wrong with what I do to a golf ball and make corrections. Having this knowledge has me playing with a 19 handicap after only playing for a short while. It helped me understand the game better.

When I started playing my shots landed anywhere except where I was aiming. I am now getting my shots to go where I am aiming more regularly. Just yesterday, I hit a 141-yard shots on a par 3 and it landed 6 feet away from the hole. Three months ago that would never have happened.

The instructions and the pictures are wonderful. The instructions are concise and descriptive. Combined with the pictures, it promotes easy understanding. The pictures help the most.”

David Hillary
Indiana, USA

“I used to slice a lot, but in the past two weeks using your “Draw” System, I have been drawing my shots more consistently now. It really stopped me from slicing. I can say, my biggest benefits with this “Draw” System is gaining more yardage and consistency. It really did increase my distance by at least 40 to 50 yards longer. And it really has improved my game and lowered my handicap.

I really like the illustrations – step by step drills. How it is broken up day by day as you practice. It teaches you from the very beginning and advances its way to your finish swing. I fully recommend this system 100% to all people who really want to improve their game. If it’s from curing your slice, gaining more yards, or lowering your handicap. I say this “Draw” System is worth more that what it is selling for. Why spend a lot of money seeing a golf professional, when you can have the best instructions for less.

I really am lucky to have found this “Draw” System. If not for this system, I would have spent a lot of money seeing a golf professional or spending money on all those training aids advertised on TV. With much Aloha to you for your ingenious in bringing The “Draw” System to lots of golfers out there still struggling.

I really love playing golf now with my friends which I really impress them. I would like to say, thank you again to you for making The “Draw” System in such details. I now really enjoy playing the game of golf.”

Patrick Apuya
Hawaii, USA

“Before I used to hit the ball either straight or with a fade or slice. The fade and slice have now disappeared. I just need to master the consistent draw. My shots have increased in distance by 5-10 meters. And it means that I can now put aside the misconception that by hitting the ball harder it will go further.

This system has provided me with a correct grip, set-up, stance and posture for developing a proper swing. And it also provided me with the instructions on how to construct a proper swing from the start to the end. By including close-up photos and easy to read language it made the instructions easy to understand.

The hardest thing I found was to completely change my grip after 20 years. When you said it takes 21 days to change a habit I now believe you as the new correct grip feels more comfortable than the old one.”

John Sowter
Auckland, New Zealand

“My consistency has improved a lot with the help of this system as I am now hitting the ball more often than not out of the sweet spot. It has shown me how to swing the club on a better plane and also improved my positioning during the back swing. My fade has almost completely gone.

The drills were relatively easy and short and sweet which kept the chance of boredom out of the equation.

I have always loved playing golf but The “Draw” System has enabled me to play the game more consistently and helped increase confidence.”

Brian Spencer
Wellington, New Zealand

“The system has resulted in me having a well defined set-up, including grip, stance etc. that in itself has led to a more consistent solid hit with an improved ball flight. Somehow, I’m not exactly sure how I do it, I can hit the ball hard and low for a lot of run or higher so it sits down nicely. Also, I understand my fade better so I can use it when I need it.

My fade was sometimes a fade and sometimes a slice. It was dramatically effected by the wind. This new ball flight is more penetrating and repeats well.

I read all the material initially and then just took my time each day. The photos are very helpful. Some days I did three lessons – skipped a day or two when I had to. It’s self-paced.

I have not seen anything like this before. The instructions are very concise – theory is explained very simply. I liked the fact I could get the info online immediately – didn’t have to wait a week for a book etc.

After completing this system I enjoy my golf more because I have played for thirty years from left to right. I’ve always wanted to hit the ball the other way for more distance. Also – I just love the solid feel from a shot when I make a good pass at the ball with a draw ball flight. Visually a nice soft draw with a middle iron looks like artwork.”

James Henderson
California, USA

“After getting this “Draw System” I am now hitting the ball better and further. And I am enjoying the game more than ever. All you have to do is follow the day to day instructions. As a result my distance has improved by about 10-15 yards and I hit the ball straighter because my setup is better.

I am very happy I bought this because I can read the “Draw System” whenever I feel like I need improvement. And after reading the system I enjoy playing golf more. The first week I played 5 days running! My mates can’t believe how I’ve improved my game. They want to see the system. Even my wife is reading it. She even hides if from me!”

Lou Hohaia
Kaikohi, New Zealand

My handicap has come down from an 18 to a 14 since getting this system. 5 months ago the game was a struggle but since getting your “Draw System” it most certainly has come back again as has the consistency. I can now hit the ball far straighter with a little draw ­ not every shot but nearly.

The instructions were very easy to understand and follow and me being a left hander it was good to see it from my side of the ball. Before starting this system nearly every shot was veering somewhere but now 85% are going straight.

I’ve never seen anything like this system and the illustrations make this very straight forward and easier to follow. I’m happy I’ve got this system because I can refer back to it at any time I get off the rails.

I’ve always enjoyed playing golf but now I have a better feeling about the game by simply understanding more of the basics you have described.”

Peter Macaulay
Ashburton, New Zealand

“This “Dray System” has improved my consistency as I basically know which direction the ball will go 90% of the time which helps a lot. The biggest benefit I got from this system was that it made driving the ball a lot easier as I used to be all over the place.

I think you have done an A1 job on presenting this paper and even a brain dead person could understand it. The pictures make it very easy. Pictures are far more easier to understand than words.

Since I have been doing the system I’ve hit some magnificent iron shots which is a good feeling and I can’t see any room really for improvement in the system. I’m very happy I’ve bought the “Draw System” because I’m not coming in every round having put 3 or 4 over the fence.

P.S. My best score before getting this system was 76 and after completing Day 17 I had a 72 and that was two putting every green! I’ve seen good comments about other products and I’ve often thought ‘they’re probably made up’ but if anyone doubts what I’m saying they can ring me to verify my results. My phone number is 07 862 6267.”

Jeff Bedford
Paeroa, New Zealand

“Before using The “Draw” System I had a very bad slice. That part of my game has mostly been corrected. This has given me the confidence to use my longer irons and I now hit the ball a lot straighter.”

Robert Begnoche
New York, USA

“The drills in The “Draw” System really helped groove my swing and now I’m hitting it longer and with less fade. I’m still playing a small fade but the slice is gone.

The system has nice step by step directions with pictures and after completing it I enjoy my games better because slicing isn’t fun.”

Joe Davidson
Connecticut, USA

“I am not through the program yet but already I’m hitting my irons – especially 3,4 and 5 more consistently. And although it felt odd from day 1, I feel I understand where I’m going with it. I guess what makes it different is that it breaks down the changes required into manageable pieces.

I felt I would never get to single figures with my existing swing, now I feel I can and will.”

Martin Ibbotson
Surrey, England

“This system has given me something to work to, rather than fish around when my game goes off. I refer back to different lessons regularly. Being a leftie, your illustrations and instructions are invaluable. Left handed instructions are hard to come by.

This system has increased my distance I hit the ball and when I get everything right at least two clubs longer. For a while I kept over shooting the greens!

What I liked best about this system was the clarity of the instruction and permanent reference, it’s up to me now!

Bill Williams
Auckland, New Zealand

“Since getting the system I’m scoring a lot more consistently and hitting my target areas more regularly. The instructions were easy to understand and follow and by following each drill I was able to see the benefits and it was useful to refer back for any problems which occurred.

I feel I’m still improving my distance but my woods have increased by 10-15 yards and my irons around a 8-12 yards increase. I have never seen a program like this as it was simple and easy to follow. I enjoy playing golf more after getting this system as I have a lot more confidence in my ability to play draw shots when needed.”

Bruce Smith
Wellington, New Zealand

“This system has already improved my consistency even though I’m only half way through the system. And my woods off the tee are now longer and straighter.

The biggest benefits from this system is increased confidence and my general game is much sounder. The instructions were easy to understand and the photographs (left & right) are worth a thousand words.

This system has increased the distance I hit the ball by about 10 meters. I am hoping for a further 10 meters when I finish the course.

I used to have a violent slice and that has now disappeared and what I liked the best about the system was the progressive nature of the system.

All other golf systems seem to assume that you are a ‘golfer’ and this system doesn’t which sets it apart from anything else. I’m happy I’ve bought this system as it’s a good reference to refer back to. And I enjoy playing golf more now as I have much more confidence that I won’t entirely bomb out.

Ken Osborne
Auckland, New Zealand

“Tee shots, fairway woods & irons 2-5 previously would’ve sliced majority of these but have now straightened. This system has enabled me to use my longer irons (3 & 4) with more confidence. Previously would use 3 or 5 woods.

The written & pictorial makes instructions easy to follow in a training situation and just being able to hit 3 to 5 irons more cleanly has increased distance. What I liked best about the system was the specific information for left handers and the pictorials.”

Bevan Smith
Christchurch, New Zealand

“I have only been using the system for a few days so I can’t completely claim consistency but I am certainly staying in the fairway much more than I used to. Also I have more confidence, lowered my scores and have a more positive/enthusiastic attitude about my game now.

The instructions are extremely well illustrated and easy to follow The order in which they are presented helps to build a solid foundation quickly but does not overwhelm with too much information at one time.

This system is much more concise than anything I have seen before and really cuts through the fluff to get to the root of the problem quickly. The books I have seen really don’t place all the key concepts in one place, and I also haven’t seen the graduated introduction of swing modifications that your system has. I feel like going to a pro for instruction would have taken months to address the same concepts.

Thank you! I don’t know why someone hasn’t done this before and I appreciate you for it.”

Dennis Kindig
Georgia, USA

Don’t Wait Any Longer! Order Now!

“The “Draw” System has taken away my fade and has practically done it overnight. The techniques learned through this system have really made my shots go straighter or with a draw. I’ve had to adjust my distances that each of my clubs hit because I was overshooting the greens with the club that would usually get me there.

The “Draw” System works and has really helped me hit straighter & farther. I’m only an occasional golfer, but I practice a lot of the drills whenever I have time and I see so many benefits. It has really dropped my scores on the course.

I have found that my shots now go about 15 yards longer on my short irons. My long irons and woods have gone increasingly further as my shots now don’t fade and my distance must have at least increased by 30-35 yards further. Like I said above, I’ve really had to readjust the distances I hit with my clubs. Now, I hit it so much longer. It’s great on those long holes.

It is easy to understand and apply, especially with the pictures. The proof is in the pudding. If it didn’t work, it wouldn’t be a good system. But The “Draw” System definitely works and I haven’t seen anything like it. It’s a self teaching tool that anyone can use to help their game. And it works!

I now enjoy my golf more because I have more confidence in where I’m going to hit the ball. Before I would always worry where my balls were going when I brought out my driver or woods. Now, I have more confidence that I will hit it down the fairway and I won’t be trying to get it out of trouble. This along makes the game more enjoyable.

It’s a great system that works! I’m usually hesitant to buy things that claim to work, and later you find out it doesn’t. But I would tell anyone that this system works and it is worth the investment. Even my friends didn’t believe that it can work, but my hitting proves it as now I hit straighter and longer. It’s a secret I’m not telling that keeps me ahead of the game!”

James Oshiro
Hawaii, USA

“I am now more consistent and have only completed the system to day 15…I no longer slice the ball! Generally most of my shots go very straight…if not I usually know what I did wrong and the next shot is good…no more multiple bad shots in a row.

This system teaches you a consistent and easily repeatable method of set up and swing…the instructions are almost too easy…it makes it almost hard to not improve.”

Jeffrey Scala
Connecticut, USA

“I am still working on drawing the ball more consistently, but my shot making is much more accurate. Interestingly enough, I hit the ball much more straighter than I used to…now I just need it to draw on demand.

I have increased the distance I hit my shots by approximately 15 – 20 yards. I was always taking a longer club on many of my approach shots. Since working with The “Draw” System, I have found myself playing shorter irons into the greens which has improved my control and landings.

The step by step approach…allowed me to continue with my game and adjust gradually! The “Draw” System is a complete end-to-end system…not just a bunch of tips. And after completing it I enjoy playing golf more….what’s not to enjoy about hitting more greens in regulation?

Golf may not be a game of perfect, but you have to give yourself a chance and The “Draw” System has improved my chances for lower scores. Thanks for the assist! I have recommended your system to friends and colleagues.”

Mike Stephens
California, USA

“I am no longer slicing the ball, but hitting them down the middle and on the fairways. This is helping me to have more consistent scores and more birdie opportunities.

My distance has increased by approx. 10 -15 yards. This has meant I can take a club less for my next shot and it also has put pressure on my opponents to try and keep up with my which puts them off their own game.

I’m now more confident when I stand up to hit the driver as I know it will go pretty much were I want it to 90% of the time.

This system gave me something small but different to work on each day with helpful and easy drills to use. It lets you learn at your own pace. You can use it when you feel up to it and not just because you have booked a time with a pro.

After this system I do enjoy playing more…my scores are much better. I was scoring 89/90 before now I’m hitting 80 to 85 and starting to win more. I used to cough up the ante every Saturday, not any more and it’s enjoyable. It was great fun learning.”

Alan Molloy
Dublin, Ireland

“This “Draw” System has given me a consistent ball flight and I have been able to eliminate half the fairway, relax and not worry so much about the results, just seek my target. Also I’ve increased the distance I’m hitting the ball, at first I was overclubbing a lot of greens, now I can trust the iron distance.

I had a takeaway problem and following the drills and instructions, working hard I finally can trust my takeaway and not worry about positions. The pictures and little details on them help a lot. I had no problem understanding the instructions.”

Ron Fitzgerald
Illinois, USA

“My fade/slice has improved greatly and I now have much better success on the holes that have O.B. on my slice side. Most of my shots are now reasonably straight and I’ve never seen anything like this system before.

What I liked best was the step-by-step instructions taking your through the drills. I am enjoying playing golf more after completing this system because I’m getting hardly any O.B.’s!”

Brian Blackmore
Auckland, New Zealand

“This system has improved my consistency as I have more straight shots now. And the biggest benefit of this system is that it’s straightened my shots and this has started to lower my handicap.

The instructions were very easy to follow. And what I liked best about the system is that it can be used without going to a golf course. I now enjoy playing golf more as I do not have to make so many detours.”

Ces Kimpton
Auckland, New Zealand

“I have had to restructure just about everything in my golf shot! But, yes I am getting more consistency by following the instructions step-by-step.

It’s going to take me a while to break old habits! But I’m hitting straighter off the tee now and my irons have a better feel and I’m getting them up more.

The best thing about this system is that it is very logical. It gives me something to work towards, and it gives me hope that I can improve and I haven’t seen anything like this before.

I am very pleased I’ve bought it and the best thing is that I’ll always have it for a “refresher course.” And even though I haven’t finished it yet I have more confidence now.

Lastly, congratulations! You must be very proud of your system – and deservedly so.”

John Petrie
Rangiora, New Zealand

“This system has opened up my choice of shot, i.e. I know what has to be done. The benefits I feel I’ve gained so far are I play a more confident round. When I play a bad shot I now know instantly what part of the swing broke down, and try to rectify it.

The instructions were easy to understand and the instructions have turned on a light or two upstairs. I’ve always hit fairly long but NOW I feel I’ve got more room to move in my swing so it’s not so rushed in the downswing any more and I am hitting the ball straighter now.

The thing I like about this system is the more I practice the more aware I’ve become of the subtle physics of the swing and I’m no longer practicing my bad habits.

I’ve always enjoyed my game but I now line up to my shots with a feeling of more choice of options. Whether I execute the shot is another story, but I like the options. ”

Mike Hooker
Auckland, New Zealand

“I am now hitting greens in regulation instead of being just short and having to chip on. As a result my score cards are improving all the time. I am really enjoying the extra distance and the more confidence this is giving me.

I found this system a refreshing change from the old method of instruction for drawing the ball i.e. the outside inside loop method. Your system makes sense and is easy to follow.

Stuart Knott
Christhchurch, New Zealand

“My fairway woods are now much more consistent in distance and much straighter, both off the tee and from the fairway. Also my mid iron shots are more consistent than in the past.

This system helped me to learn to put all the pieces together to know what a good swing should feel like. Whereas in the past someone might give me a good piece of advice, but I never had it in the context of a whole solid swing. And now I’m finally gaining confidence with my swing.

The instructions were easy to follow. The pictures added a lot of clarity to what you were looking to emulate. The “Draw” System gives you a step by step approach to building a good, solid, repeatable golf swing. All the drills are geared towards that singular goal of producing a swing that will produce a draw.

I’ve seen a lot of the drills used in The “Draw” System, but this is the first time where I’ve seen all the drills tied together in order to produce the “whole” good swing. And I’m finally learning what a good swing should feel like, (after years of unsuccessful guessing), and can try to recreate that sensation on the course.

I enjoy playing golf more now because I can actually start aiming at where I want to hit the ball. And I’m having a lot more fun actually hitting a lot more often from the fairway!

A very good, useful book! Thanks for compiling all the information and drills to help me understand and incorporate the swing mechanics in order to produce a draw.”

Curt Geisinger
Michigan, USA

“The “Draw” System has helped my consistency. I do not slice the ball nearly as much and it’s given me more confidence in driving the ball. I had gotten to the point that I would not use a driver because I could not control it. Now I feel I will either hit the ball straight or have a slight draw.

The “Draw” System has increased the distance of my driver and 3-wood off the tee somewhere around 20 yards each. This allows me to use more 7 irons through wedges hitting into the greens.

The instructions were very easy to follow. The pictures made it very easy to follow and visualize what needed to be accomplished by the task for each day.

I have not seen any written instructions that go into this much detail with drills to ingrain the proper movements. Usually you just get a bunch of “tips” focusing on a specific move to help the slicer as opposed to a complete system. This system is very good and lays the foundation for a great swing.”

Ken Healey
Ohio, USA

“I now have something to concentrate on rather than just mindlessly hitting balls. It’s like having a series of 21 lessons from your friendly neighborhood pro but without the expense. And instead of going to the range and just hitting a bucket of balls with no thought as to what I’m trying to improve, I now have a set of concepts that I can work on. Instead of hitting 50 balls in an hour, I now hit 25 but learn much more.

I liked the way the drills were broken down into small sections so you weren’t required to concentrate on too many points at once. My brain can’t cope with more than 2 or 3 new concepts at a time.

I used to be really inconsistent. One drive I’d hook, next drive I’d slice. This has given me a more consistent approach to my shots as I’m not trying something different each time. And as hitting from the rough all the time is not much fun I’m now enjoying playing golf more after this system.”

Dave Evens
Berkshire, United Kingdom

“Before I had a fade (and sometimes an all out slice), therefore after the system I can now hit it fairly straight or work for a draw, which helps on certain long doglegs left and getting out of trouble.

And now that I hit the ball with a slight draw I have been able to be more accurate, especially with my irons. Also with a draw I have been able to gain some distance, therefore I realize that I don’t have to try to kill the ball to get the long drives so I can swing smoother which has added more consistency.

I’ve been a golf aholic for about 15 years now, living in Arizona can do that to a person, so I’ve always loved to golf, but sure when I am more consistent and actually now routinely hit great shots it’s a great feeling and gives me more enjoyment.

Good system, and when I feel myself slipping a little back to some old habits I now have some easy drills to help get me back in line.”

Craig Engel
Arizona, USA

“I never was consistent before, sometimes slicing, sometimes hooking or pulling. But now I’m drawing or hitting straight which gives me about 10 to 15 yards more distance along with consistency/accuracy and more confidence.

I liked the easy way you explained the things, the visual aids etc. It was very easy to understand and after it I enjoy my games more because I’m improving, lowering my scores and playing more confident.”

Valmore Riera
Caracas, Venezuela

“My shots have increased by 40-50 yards with the driver and all my slices are gone. After I learn to use The “Draw” System I don’t have to think about technique anymore. My game has been much easier and my shots with the driver and long irons are straighter and I can control the shots.

It is fun when it is easy to play longer shots, straighter shots, draw the ball and take some strokes off the game. This system is easy to follow even for a dane.”

Preben Anderson

“I have only recently started to work through the program. However, the few things I have applied so far have been extremely beneficial. I think with the results that you can see relatively quickly, the system has given me a heightened sense of confidence that I can actually improve my game.

Before I started The “Draw” System, I had a terrible slice to the left with most woods and long irons. It’s definitely getting better and should continue to improve as I become more comfortable with the program.

I am a lefty and the only thing harder to find than left handed golf clubs is someone who can give a left hander instruction. If you ever tried to read or look at instructions for right handed golfers and try to convert them to the opposite side you would realize that this is a great teaching system. Congratulations on giving us ‘lefties’ something that actually makes sense!

As most guys who do not get a chance to golf on a regular or frequent basis, I’ve tried many other things to improve my game without much to show for my investment. I believe that this program can work because it seems simple and less complicated than most.”

Tom Bradbury
Pennsylvania, USA

“As a beginner The “Draw” System has explained in easy to understand instructions how to execute a proper golf swing. The drills covered in The “Draw” System help you to employ a series of “self checks” to ensure that your swing is the same every time and that it is proper in its fundamentals.

Again I would have to stress the fact that it taught the fundamentals of a good golf swing. I have taken a lesson or two and got more from your system than any golf pro.

And yes and no do I enjoy my game more after this system. Yes because I have shaved at least 15 strokes off my game. And no because now I have a much higher standard to live up to. Thanks.”

Jim Nelson
Tennessee, USA

“This system has given me consistency and understanding of my golf swing. If hitting fault I can correct it on the driving range! Total lesson about 30-40, but now this system has given me a break through with no more slices.”

Marcel Kampes
Gelderland, Netherlands

“The biggest benefit that I got from this system is that it made me want to play again. The instructions are easy to understand and it has helped me to understand what I was doing wrong and show me what to do to try and correct the problem.

I have not seen anything like this before as it is easy to understand and I’m happy I’ve bought it.

The best thing about owning it is I’m able to refer back to it. I now enjoy playing golf more after completing the “Draw System” because now I can see what I am trying to do when I play a shot.”

Mack Berghan
Northland, New Zealand

This system has improved my consistency heaps and I am happy with that. The biggest benefits it has done for me is it has made me believe in my self in hitting the ball further and straighter. The instructions were easy to follow as it had detailed pictures of how you should set up and how you go about hitting the ball.

This system has increased the distance my shots go by up to 15 meters and that makes me feel good as I am hitting as far as my friends now. Before I started the “Draw System” I was slicing real bad and by using the “Draw System” I am not slicing as much.

What I liked best about the system was being able to hit the ball well and being able to look good when other golfers look at you. I am happy that I bought this system as it is good to look back on it all the time. I am enjoying playing golf more now as I am hitting the ball straighter and further. Lastly I am happy I have found out about this.”

Alester Wilkinson
Cromwall, New Zealand

This system has improved my consistency as I can generally play a draw shot when I want to. And now a greater percentage of shots end up in a reasonable position.

This system has given me consistency, confidence and therefore enjoyment. Also helped in slowing down the backswing. The instructions were easy to understand and follow and I was able to work through the details and then refer to daily tasks for key aspects of instruction.

This system has also increased the distance I hit the ball by 10-15 meters and it’s allowed me to use my 3 wood most of the time. What I liked best about the system was that it was easy to follow and focused on an end result. Plus I could do the drills without hitting balls all the time.

And I haven’t seen anything like this before as it takes you through a process to get the end result and you could do it at your own pace. I’m happy I’ve bought this system as it’s increased my confidence in my shot making and it’s a ready reference to go back to.

I enjoy playing golf more after completing this system as I now have greater confidence off the tee and for longer irons. Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to improve my game and enjoyment of golf.”

Dave MacDonald
Auckland, New Zealand

“This system has improved my consistency and it has improved my golf more in my teeing off and long irons. The biggest benefits I got from this system is that I don’t get into so much trouble now, e.g. getting behind shrubs & trees + wasting shots getting out of trouble.

I found the instructions easy to understand and I don’t think anyone would have trouble understanding them. After using this system I am hitting the ball longer. Our no. 9 hole is uphill and then flattens out after approx. 200m and now I am getting up onto the flat, which is allowing me to par the hole quite often. It is a par 4 but a lot of us play it as a par 5. I get a good feeling when I par this one.

I am also hitting the ball straighter now and a couple of people have commented about the fact that I don’t slice like I used to.

I’m happy I’ve bought this system and the best thing about it is, if my golf turns to custard again I could always go back to it and do it again because I’ll never get rid of it. And I don’t know if I enjoy my golf more after getting this system or not as I always enjoy it, but as I said before I do enjoy not getting into trouble like I used to.”

Ken Harris
Dunedin, New Zealand

“My handicap has dropped from 14 to 12 and I have only adopted a few of your suggestions and it has improved my consistency. The CD is good and I have it playing daily at work. I am concentrating more on the little improvements I have made. Each time I play I feel I am a bit more consistent.

I am now getting more distance. Up to 10 meters on a good day. In most cases now I can reach the greens in regulation on both the par 4 and 5 holes. At the moment I’m averaging an extra 5-7 meters. The instructions are very thorough and your day to day exercises are very easy to follow.

After getting this system I enjoy being more consistent and last week I shot an 80 for the first time. I have achieved all this while having trouble practicing some of your suggestions because of work commitments but hope to have more time over the next couple of months for this and I’ll let you know my further results.”

Cheryl Tretheway
Invercargill, New Zealand

“This system has given me more confidence – distance and now I feel I can select clubs with no doubt in my mind which is the right club for any situation. Also I am more confident in my ability to draw around trees – bushes etc.

The instructions were well laid out and I liked the day by day set up. I am happy that I bought this system because I can refer to it when I like. I enjoy playing golf more now as I set myself up to each shot with much more confidence.

David Mercer
Wellington, New Zealand

“It has taken me longer to adjust to the change of grip but I would say that I have longer and straighter fairway woods than before. Also more accurate off the tee. And I have increased the distance I hit the ball plus my iron play is better.

The biggest benefit from this system is that it’s made me more enthusiastic. After 30 years of consistent golf i.e. 14-18 Hcp this has introduced a new challenge with an opportunity to improve.”

Nelson Taiaroa
Dunedin, New Zealand

“This system has given me the ability to draw the ball or hit the ball straight. And the instructions were written in plain English. This system has also increase the distance I hit the ball as before when I tried to hit a ball a long way I usually faded.

And what I liked best was your point about “exaggerate” which gave me confidence when a draw happened the first day I played. I’m happy I’ve bought the system with the extra 20-30 Meters I sometimes get. And I definitely enjoy playing golf more now as I get a kick out of shaping my shots.”

Brian Waghorn
Auckland, New Zealand

“This system has dramatically improved my consistency. I feel I have complete control now. Getting off the tee clean has dropped my overall score because I have limited the number of strokes needed to recover from a bad tee shot. I am definitely straighter.

Prior to using the system, I sliced heavily losing valuable distance and strokes. I now can control my slice and more times than not, I find myself in the fairway.

There are books on how to draw the ball and grip control, but I have found them difficult to follow. Your system is very easy to follow…even for someone who may be a beginner. The diagrams were clear and proved beneficial. Thanks again.”

Mike Petersen
New Jersey, USA

“I can honestly say that this system has definitely improved my consistency. My slice is now a controllable fade off the tee. I can draw my mid irons almost at will. And I can sum up what this system has done for my golf game in one word “Confidence!”

Being a leftie it was great not to have to convert everything to suit as a lot of material is written for right handers only. This system has increased my distance that I hit my shots now although I’m not consistently drawing the ball off the tee, I’m no longer haunted by the big banana slice.

A small fade now has easily added 10 to 15 yards on my shots. This system has helped me to hit the ball straighter as when I started using it I used to slice 9 out of 10 drives my driver. I am now using a 4 wood off the tee with a slight fade and occasional draw.

These shots are much straighter and I gain more distance because of it than I ever did previously using my driver. What I liked best about the system was the simplicity and easy to follow program and exercises which could be done at home.

And I’m happy I’ve bought it as I now have a constant reference as to what is going wrong and why. I now have a better understanding of why the ball fly’s a certain path. After completing this system I definitely enjoy playing golf more as since purchasing it I’ve finally broken 80 (I had a 79) and I had an 83 today after 4 weeks off due to work commitments!”

Wayne Chesham
Hamilton, New Zealand

“This system has improved my consistency as I can now step up to the tee knowing that providing I do the proper set up, the little pill goes where I want it to go i.e. STRAIGHT! Or if needed a slight draw. Whereas previously the ball had a mind of it’s own or seemed to.

The biggest benefits that this system has done for me is it has given me extreme confidence off the tee. I have always struggled in that department and never knew where the bloody thing was going to end up or how far, mostly well behind everyone else.

Now I’m up with the big boys. What a great feeling that is. Thank you.

The instructions were excellent and easy to follow and being a left hander I found the illustrations i.e. from the right side very helpful. I didn’t have to mentally switch things around like left handed to right handed. This system is the best that I have ever used or seen and believe me I’ve seen them all. From tapes, books, gadgets and magazines.

Everything about this system is so easy to follow from Day 1 to 21.

The increase in distance is HUGE compared to the zone I was playing in before completing this system. Previously my drives would be around the 170-190 meter mark or short of the 135m mark on Par 4’s. Now I’m getting out to about the 210-230 meter mark average.

There was one par 4 of 369m that I played not long after I finished the 21 day system. I hit the ball so long that when I got to my ball for the 2nd shot I was about 10-20m inside the 100 meter mark. I was absolutely stunned and confused because I was in an area that I had never been before and I didn’t know what club to use next!!

What I like about the system is each days exercises from Day 1 – 21 and seeing the improvements made and the total change in my swing, which my friends have noticed and commented on.

There is nothing to dislike about the system providing you have patience and do the hard yards i.e. practice. I did approach the system with misgivings and a fair amount of “yeah been there done this” attitude. But upon receiving it I realized I’ve never seen anything like this before and what makes it different is the results that are achieved over a relatively short period of time. I spent 6 months on another system and never achieved anything, except more frustration.

I’m extremely happy I bought this system because if things don’t go right on any given day I can quickly find the cure in the book and the remedy is instant, instead of floundering around the dark for days or weeks. It’s my bible of golf. I now play with a lot of confidence in knowing I’m going to spend more time on the fairway & I enjoy my game a lot more now with the consistency of my scores.

There was a comment made about me once that you got lonely playing with me, because you see me on the tee, then don’t see me until you get to the green. In between you walked by yourself! When they finally did catch up with me, I was grumpy after having a shit hole.

I’ve done this 21 Day system without hitting too many balls. I work 6, sometimes 7 days a week so play maybe 2-3 times a month. My scores have been fairly consistent considering, 77-84 off the stick with one score of 76. There has been the odd blow out to 87-89 but that has mainly been my short game & putting. I’ve mainly concentrated on the long game.

When I’ve got more time I’ll be working on the short game, then look out! This extra workload has been over the past 7 months with the few games that I’ve had I’ve still managed to keep my H/cap around 11. That’s great, keep up the great work & many thanks for everything.”

Ray Kendall
Tauranga, New Zealand

“I have found the program really easy to follow and do. My consistency is great. My scores are coming down. I am hitting much straighter and further than I usually do. I don’t seem to be so nervous or tense now when I play with the guns. I am so confident.

They seem to praise me now which makes me feel good. The instructions were very easy to follow. What made it better is that I could do this in my living room, rain, hail or whatever weather, without even hitting a golf ball.

This system has increased my distance. Playing on a par 5 I have been shooting for an eagle and the hole is 462 meters long. I have found that awesome and I’ve ended up with a birdie on this hole 3 times in a row now.

This system has helped me to hit the ball straighter now because I have changed my grip to what you’ve suggested.

The drills and exercises are so easy to follow and do, and I can show my grand- daughter the right way to use her clubs. She is 6 years old and can hit 100 meters so far. By following this system it was so easy that I don’t think I could improve this because it works so well. And I’ve never seen anything like this before.

It’s easy to follow and the pictures help to explain everything we need to know. The instructions are written in a language that is so easy to understand. I’m happy I’ve bought it because I now don’t need to spend money and time having golf lessons as we would have to travel to Palmerston North.

I can just stay home and read your program step-by-step. I now enjoy playing golf more now after completing this system as I don’t have to look over the fence for my golf ball and I’m paring more holes now, plus I now enjoy playing with lower handicappers than myself. I started your program on a 28 handicap and I’m now on a 24.

My wife has also now done your program and is enjoying it as well. She has changed her grip after following your advice and she is hitting further and straighter now. She was on a 25 handicap before starting the system and now she is on a 20!

John Timu
Dannevirke, New Zealand

“This system has shown me the basic setup and theory to produce a draw. And now I rarely slice, only when I get lazy and don’t concentrate. What I liked best about the program was the photo’s, the simple explanations and it starts from the beginning. I especially like the reference points given to check my swing (backswing etc).

I’ve never seen anything like this as most golf instruction manuals don’t go into such detail and don’t give reference points to check my swing. I am happy I’ve bought this system as I am slowly getting to produce a higher percentage of good shots and I have just shot my best ever round (3 over)!

John Newland
Patea, New Zealand

After doing some of the exercises in your e-book, and spending nothing like the amount of time you recommend, I am hitting the ball straighter and longer than I have in my life. I played with our former club champ yesterday, and he said I was hitting the ball like a two handicap. I was a nine before starting “the method”, and am now an eight after shooting my best two rounds ever.

Your e-book is, by far, the most helpful, practical, instruction I have seen in the thirty years I’ve been playing this game. Now, I just hope I can keep it up!

J. Reid,
Beaconsfield, Quebec

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