If you think that being able to hit consistent draws just like a pro takes hundreds of hours of practice, think again…

RE: Add 17 yards to your shots

From: Taylor Connor and Paul Hobart

Dear Friend,

This is Taylor Connor and Paul Hobart, Directors of Instruction for Keys to Consistent Golf. Hopefully we’ve grabbed your attention with the headline above but we imagine before you invest 15 minutes of your time for 21 days following the advice from someone you may have never heard of before, you’ve got a couple of questions that need answering.

At a guess your first question is probably something like….

Question #1. “If I learn to draw the ball just like a pro, will it really add at least 17 yards to my shots?”

And your second question will probably be….

Question #2. “Is it possible to learn to hit consistent draws just like a pro in only 21 days?”

These are very important questions that need answering, aren’t they? And we imagine before you try anything even if it’s a totally risk free offer like this one, you won’t waste your time on something that doesn’t answer these questions.

We can totally understand your skepticism because all too often these days, outlandish claims and promises are made that can never be kept, especially as far as golf products are concerned.

So we are going to attempt to answer all your questions right here, right now but if you’ve got more questions about this, then please email us: info@keystoconsistentgolf.com and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Now we’ll cut right to the chase and answer the first question, which was….

“If I learn to draw the ball just like a pro, will
it really add at least 17 yards to my shots?”

Well, in 1981 Golf Digest Magazine did an extensive test into the differences between a fade and a draw. They setup a driving machine to swing at 90 mph which is an average swing speed for a 5 to 10 handicapper. Then they set the driver at 1? degrees closed to produce a draw and 1? degrees open to produce a fade while keeping the swing angle and angle of attack the same for both shape of shots.

Take a close look at the results from this test in the diagram below…

Statistics Used In This Diagram Come From The Test “Golf Digest” Did In Determining The Differences Between A Fade And A Draw.

The differences found between a fade and a draw were HUGE as the drawn shots averaged 233 yards in carry and roll, the fades only 216. The lower flying draws also rolled further than the higher-soaring fades, 16 or 17 yards compared with less than nine for the fades – because the landing angle was less severe. But the draws also carried further than a fade, an average of 217 yards for the draws and less than 208 for the fades.

Hopefully this scientific evidence has shown you that it’s entirely possible for you to gain at least 17 yards in distance simply by learning to draw the ball. And from our experience of golfers who’ve changed from a fade/slice ball flight to a draw ball flight, this 17-yard increase in distance is conservative, very conservative!

Completing this system has increased my distance a lot with all my clubs from wedge to the driver. With the driver I have gained fifty yards.

Parakaia Smith, Mt Maungaui, New Zealand

So that’s your first question answered, now we want to answer the second question, which was….

“Is it possible to learn to hit consistent
draws just like a pro in only 21 days?”

Well, fading or slicing the ball is a habit just as exercising or not exercising is and it’s been scientifically proven that it takes at least 21 days to change a habit.

Now we must be totally honest about our claim of being able to draw the ball just like a pro in only 21 days, and although it’s totally possible most people who complete this system find it takes over a month to be able to consistently do this.

The reason for this is because MOST golfers who can’t draw the ball consistently have faded or sliced the ball since they started playing golf and to change a deeply rooted habit like this generally takes more time than 21 days.

Having said that, if you’ve been fading or slicing the ball a long time and if after 21 days of diligently following my instructions you’re not at least drawing some shots and hitting the ball longer we want you to ask for your money back!

In fact, we are so confident that you’ll be hitting the ball longer and straighter after 21 days that we are not gonna give you some wimpy guarantee like “try it for 30 days and if you don’t like it, send it back.”

Because this system does and will work for almost everyone and that’s why you get a Full, No-Risk, 90 Day, No Hassles, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee.

Plus, if after diligently following the instructions in this system for 21 days you’re not hitting the ball longer and straighter than you are today we’ll not only… refund your money in full but we will also…

let you keep the ‘Golfing Confidence’ CD and ‘Maximize Your Distance with These 5 Secrets’ report for wasting your time!

Look, the way we see it is this: if you’re not 100% satisfied with this system, that’s our fault, not yours! Why should you have to pay anything for it? You shouldn’t, and that’s why you have absolutely No-Risk whatsoever when you try this system!

And you get a No-Risk, No Questions Asked, Full 100% Refund Plus The Free CD and Report (If You Follow The Instructions) Guarantee from us for one simple reason: you must be satisfied – or we don’t deserve your business!

Besides, we have no worries in offering you such a no risk offer because we believe we have created the best step-by-step…

“How To Consistently Draw The Ball”

…blueprint in the world.

After you’ve completed this 21 day step-by-step blueprint this is what you’ll gain….

  • You’ll be hitting the ball straighter and longer, more consistently
  • You’ll gain more enjoyment from playing golf because you’ll be hitting the ball longer and more powerfully than you’ve ever done before
  • Your confidence will dramatically improve because you’ll know how a draw swing should “feel” and what you need to be doing to achieve it on a consistent basis
  • You’ll love the feeling you get when you see the ball drawing and traveling further than it’s ever gone before
  • You’ll feel like a better golfer because of your professional looking power draw
  • You’ll be able to show off to your playing partners with your increased distance on all long shots
  • Your shots will feel more powerful and solid and this will make a massive improvement to your enjoyment levels
And you’ll achieve all of this because….
  • You get fully explained, detailed instructions complete with over 219 photos that will speed up your learning and GUARANTEE you the thrill and joy of hitting long, powerful draws in the quickest possible time
  • You’ll find the drills and exercises are quick and easy to follow and do
  • You’re given step-by-step instructions that have been tested and are proven to turn your fade/slice into a draw with lightning like speed
  • The instructions are written in easy to understand language, that any golfer of any level can follow and this means you’ll never find yourself ever wondering what to do next
  • This system will give you the “fundamentals” for a golf swing that will serve you for years to come
  • You’ll save time and money by not having to go for lessons because all the fundamentals from the setup to all phases in the golf swing are fully explained with either step-by-step instructions or drills on how to achieve a certain position or stage in the swing
  • You’re essentially given 21 lessons that are arranged into a systematic order, a “blueprint” if you will, starting at the grip and progressing through each fundamental phase of the setup followed by each stage of the swing until the completion when you will be drawing the ball
  • Each day you’re told exactly what you should be doing to progress to the next stage and this means you’ll stay on track and keep focused on completing each task until you reach your goal of drawing the ball
  • If you’re a left hander you’ll be delighted to know that there are full written instructions, just for you, as well as the same color instructional photo’s that right handers get
  • Each daily exercise only takes 15 minutes and almost all of the day’s activities can be done at home
  • You’ll save time, money and the frustration of trying to put other pieces of information together into a detailed plan because it’s already done for you
Here’s just a brief summary of what you’ll be doing and learning throughout the blueprint…
  • You’ll learn a system of gripping the club so you can check that your grip is the same from one shot to the next and from one day to the next, and that’s got to improve your consistency (see page 8)
  • You’ll get a full explanation with photo’s that show you in minute detail how you should be gripping the club to promote a draw (see pages 8 thru13)
  • You’ll be shown the technique that Ben Hogan used to check that his top hand grip was secure, and this will prevent your grip from slipping and general swing inconsistencies (see page 9)
  • You’ll get a procedure that you can use to check your top hand to make sure your grip is the same time after time and that it’s in a position to promote a draw (see page 10)
  • On page 10 you’ll learn how your grips (the rubber things on your clubs!) could be preventing you from EVER DRAWING THE BALL and you’re given a quick test you can do to see if your grips are like this or not
“This information could literally save you
endless hours of pain and frustration!”
  • You’ll learn how to join your hands together so they promote a draw (see the bottom of page 10)
  • You’ll learn where to place the lower hand on the grip to promote a draw (see page 11)
  • The technique at the top of page 13 will help you to reduce tension in your hands and arms before a shot
  • You’ll find out where to position the ball in your stance so you can consistently draw the ball! (see page 20)
  • You’ll find out about the little known technique of how and where to position your front foot to encourage a draw! (see pages 20)
  • You’ll be given the easiest posture exercise you’ll ever find that will teach you the correct posture position to draw the ball! (see pages 24-25)
  • You’ll learn the one crucial, “secret” move you must do in your setup with your front hip that will help you to stay behind the ball until after impact. This is critical information you must know if you ever want to draw the ball…consistently (see page 25 for this simple but critical information)
  • You’ll be given the best exercise you’ll ever find on quickly assessing the distance you’re standing from the ball. You’re also given a simple reference so you can tell immediately if you’re standing a distance from the ball that will encourage a draw (you must see page 27 for this simple but crucial exercise)
  • You’ll learn how you MUST align your body and clubface to ever draw the ball (see pages 34 thru 35)
  • * On pages 38 thru 39 you’ll learn all of the setup elements put together, so they will “automatically” encourage your swing to draw the ball

So, on the first four days you’ll be practicing each part of the setup for 15 minutes everyday and then on the fifth day you put all of these elements together and you practice your completed “new” setup everyday until the completion of the system.

Your setup is critical in determining how you are going to swing the club and don’t just take my word on it, listen to this quote from the great Jack Nicklaus….

“All the finest players learned early in their careers that the quality of the swing is dependent about 80 percent on preparation and 20 percent on execution. Reverse those proportions and you’ll always be a hacker.

Jack Nicklaus

After the fifth day of the blueprint you’ll be given drills and exercises that teach you step-by-step each stage of the swing, what you should be doing and how you can make these moves as automatic as breathing….

  • On Day 6 you’ll be given three simple exercises that will teach you a one piece take-away, and most importantly on pages 43-45 you’ll be given a simple exercise that will check that you’re taking the club away “correctly”.

“All great golfers I’ve ever seen have taken the club away in a one piece motion.

Gary Player

  • You’ll be given a drill that will teach you how to turn on the backswing while keeping your weight on the inside of your back foot. This drill fixes one of the biggest mistakes faders/slicers make in the backswing, which is to move the weight onto the outside of the back foot, commonly known as the reverse pivot (see pages 56 thru 57 for the solution to this score destroying, soul destroying, enjoyment sapping mistake)
  • On Day 9 you’ll be given a drill that will train you how to swing on an upright plane. (see pages 60 thru 61) Almost all faders/slicers swing too flat on the backswing and then come over the top on the downswing which naturally causes a fade/slice and if you’re ever going to consistently draw the ball then you must fix this.
  • You’ll be let in on the “secret” move that every long hitter does to start the downswing and on Day 10 you’ll combine this move with another drill that teaches you how to do the much talked about late hit move (see pages 66 thru 67)
  • The drill on page 70 is the start of teaching you how to release your hands and you can even do this drill sitting down, you’ll love it.
  • On Day 12 you’re shown a drill that will enhance your balance and timing while teaching your hands to release through impact!
  • On page 76 you’re shown a drill that teaches you the proper swing path and it also gives you the feeling of good forearm rotation and extension through impact.
  • You’ll be given a drill on Day 17 that teaches your right arm (left arm for left handers) to come on the inside of the ball and under, then up! This is completely different to what most faders/slicers do and this move is critical in promoting a draw.
  • On Day 19 you’ll be asked to setup with your new “draw” setup that you learned on Day 5, and then you’re shown an exercise which will basically determine if what you’ve been doing has been successful or not and then we give you instructions as to what to do next.
  • On pages 96 thru 99 you’re given a test to see if your equipment is suited to your swing speed and style and you’re also shown how certain specifications in your equipment can encourage either a draw or a fade.
  • And finally on pages 100 thru 105 you’re given detailed instructions on the setup that is needed to hit crisp, powerful, controlled draws as well as the best drills that you should keep doing on an ongoing basis to ensure you ingrain the drawing habit!

As well as getting all of this, if you try this system now you’ll also be able to download FREE the digital version of our valuable report that will show you how to increase your distance, ‘Maximize Your Distance with These 5 Secrets’ valued at $14.95 AND a golfing confidence CD worth $24.95.

This CD exposes you to a mental technique that Tiger Woods has used since he was six years old to automatically program his mind for golfing success. After 30 days of continuous listening to this CD this is what you can expect….

  • Improved confidence and concentration on the golf course
  • Makes golf easier and more fun
  • Helps to eliminate fear when playing any shot
  • It will save you practice time because you can have the CD playing in the background and be doing what you normally would, while your golf game is being improved

This CD has been sold for $24.95 but it’s yours FREE if you try The Draw Blueprint now. Here’s just one comment we’ve received from a golfer who bought this CD….

“About 4 weeks ago I sent away for your Golfing Confidence CD. It arrived, and as I was going up north for a weekend of golf I listened to it in the car as we were driving. That afternoon I shot 88. The next day I shot 89. The following Saturday I shot 88 again and then this Saturday I shot an 81.

Now you might think that this is not that great but I play off a 22-24 handicap and I always shoot in the mid to high 90?s. I have had other times when I have shot in the 80?s but never that low and it is only about once in a year, never week after week.

Now I can’t wait to get out there again, because I am just enjoying playing so much. I find I am making shots that I have never expected to pull off before and that’s a real buzz.

I have had lots of lessons and spent many hours practicing and never got any better. It only seemed to highlight my bad points. This CD has made a real difference to my game and I am enjoying my golf much more now than ever before.

I am listening to the CD about twice each day on my way to and from work. I hope I don’t wear it out. Thank you very much.”

S Fraser, Auckland, New Zealand

With continued listening to this CD Mr. S. Fraser has since gone on to break 80 which was one of his golfing goals for the year!

By now you’re probably wondering the price of this step-by-step The Draw Blueprint. Well, if you order now you can get this Blueprint + Distance Secrets + CD for just $47! You can get immediate access to a private site where you can download the digital version of The Draw Blueprint, Maximize Your Distance Report and Confidence CD just 5 minutes after your order has been accepted.

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And remember, if after following the instructions in this new system for 21 days you find you’re not hitting the ball longer and straighter than you are currently, we’ll not only refund the entire purchase price BUT we’ll also want you to keep the Distance Secrets and Golfing Confidence CD just as our way of saying “thanks for giving this new golf system a try.”

Obviously, we’d go broke making this offer if we weren’t ultra-confident that you’re about to make a big improvement in your golf game with the help of this system. And you only have to look at all the golfers comments so far to see why we are so confident that this system is going to give you the benefits you’re looking for.

So the worst thing that can happen is you GAIN CONFIDENCE and LEARN DISTANCE SECRETS…and the BEST thing that can happen is you’ll become the envy of your golfing friends and competitors as you start hitting great looking, professional looking draws that travel a lot farther and straighter than your shots are currently going.

All this within the next 3 weeks!

Look, you know you want to learn to consistently draw the ball and this is the most risk free way of learning to do it. By not being able to consistently draw the ball you’re losing at least 17 yards in distance on every shot, now that’s got to effect your enjoyment, pride and satisfaction.

You could totally ignore this letter and go to a pro for 21 lessons but how much is that going to cost you? Let’s say you get a special, special bulk deal of 21 lessons for $50 each, then multiply that by 21 and you get a total of $1050, all this without a Guarantee you’ll be any better than when you started.

When you look at it that way it makes total sense to pay a one time amount of a measly 47 bucks backed up with the Security of the No-Hassles 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, doesn’t it??

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So now don’t you think you owe it to yourself to take action and learn how to consistently draw the ball once and for all? Think about it… aren’t you sick of hitting the ball a minimum of 17 yards shorter than you’re capable of, simply because you can’t draw the ball? Don’t you want to hit the ball longer, more consistently while having more confidence on the course than you’ve ever dreamed of!?

Take action now.

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  • I understand that by ordering now I will also get special details on how I can download The “Distance Secrets Report” and The “Extreme Golfing Confidence CD” FREE, which will allow me to improve my golf game while I “work” on my computer!

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But, guess what?

You won’t get any of it unless you take action right this minute! So order right now…that way you’ll get the Blueprint in 5 minutes from now with our digital download version! We look forward to speaking to you soon.

Kind Regards,

Taylor Connor

Paul Hobart

P.S. The Draw Blueprint guarantees to teach you how to draw the ball in 21 days, adding at least 17 yards to your shots. And this system comes with a 90 Day, No Hassles, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee! Plus if after 21 days of following the instructions for 15 minutes a day you’re not hitting the ball longer than you did before you started you will keep the distance secrets report and golfing confidence CD just for wasting your time!

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