Tiger Woods has been “Subliminally Programming” his mind with positive suggestions since he was a little boy. Keep reading to find out what Tiger has been doing exactly and how you can copy him…

At age 6, Tiger hit balls into a net in his family’s garage while listening to a subliminal tape. All Tiger heard “consciously” was soft, relaxing music. But “subconsciously” his mind was being automatically and subliminally programmed with the following suggestions…

Do you believe that Tiger Woods has been listening to subliminal tapes since the age of six?




Do you want proof? Read this passage from the book…

“A Biography of Tiger Woods”
by John Strege
(pages 21-22)

“Tiger was a kid, but not in the traditional sense. When he was still only six, he listened to tape recordings with subliminal messages to help him develop a stronger sense of self-control and discipline.

Earl had seen them in a store and bought them for his son, carefully explaining why he should listen to them.

The boy understood.

He played them on a cassette player in his room, hearing only the flow of water down a creek, or soft music, but the messages began to imbue themselves in his subconscious:

  • I will my own destiny
  • I believe in me
  • I smile at obstacles
  • I am firm in my resolve
  • I fulfill my resolutions powerfully
  • My strength is great
  • I stick to it, easily, naturally
  • My will moves mountains
  • I focus and give it my all
  • My decisions are strong
  • I do it all with my heart

The messages were inscribed on paper as well, and he tacked them to the walls in his room, as reinforcement. He listened to the tapes so often that he wore them out. He began to apply them instantly.

He was still only six when he went to the Optimist Junior World ten-and-under division at Presidio Hills in San Diego, his first international tournament.

At the first tee, his father reassured him that whether he won or lost was not the point – either way he should have fun. Tiger then ripped his shot down the middle.

Later, Earl asked Tiger what he was thinking about as he stood over the ball on the first tee. ‘Where I wanted the ball to go, Daddy.’ He said, shocking his unsuspecting father, who wasn’t sure the subliminal messages would take hold so quickly.

The negative thoughts that typically invade the minds of young, uncertain athletes were not there.”

Want more proof? Read these sentences from the book…

“Tiger Woods”
by Jack Clary
(page 10)

“But his father didn’t limit his instructions to the sheer mechanics of golf.

During his years as a Green Beret, he had learned a great deal about shaping a mind to cope with stress, and so he set out to mold his son’s mind so that he could master the all-important skill of concentration.

At age six, while Tiger was out in his family’s garage hitting balls into the same net he had watched his father use, he was also listening to subliminal messages on a tape recorder.

His father had also tacked messages of positive reinforcement to Tiger’s desk in his room.”

WARNING: Do Not Play The Golfing
Confidence Audio Without First
Reading These Instructions Thoroughly!

So now you know that Tiger Woods has used subliminal audio since the age of six, we’re sure you’re anxious to listen to this audio. BUT before you do you first need to know how subliminal audio works because some people do not understand the concept and expect to hear something other than what they get and are understandably disappointed.

To stop this from happening we want you to fully understand what a subliminal audio is and does. Now some people who have played this audio have expected to hear spoken advice or positive comments, which is not what you’ll hear, not consciously anyway.

So before you listen to this audio we need to clarify what it means when we say “you won’t consciously hear the positive suggestions.”

The word “subliminal” is Latin for “below the threshold” and is used to describe information delivered to any of the senses below the threshold of conscious awareness.

Important Note: When you listen to this Golfing Confidence Audio you will not consciously hear any words being spoken. But subconsciously you will, and here’s how it works.

This audio consists of two parts. It has a set of suggestions or “affirmations” that will help you to enjoy the game more and to improve your confidence on the golf course. Here are the suggestions that are on this audio.

On side one the suggestions areā€¦..

  • You are a confident golfer
  • You love playing golf
  • You play every golf shot to the best of your ability
  • You play every golf shot with confidence
  • You approach every golf shot with confidence
  • You have fun playing golf
  • You make golf look easy
  • You are an extremely confident golfer

On side two the suggestions are…

  • I will my own destiny
  • I smile at obstacles
  • I fulfill my resolutions powerfully
  • I stick to it, easily, naturally
  • I believe in me
  • I focus and give it my all
  • I am firm in my resolve
  • I do it all with my heart
  • My strength is great
  • My will moves mountains
  • My decisions are strong

Now if you remember, in the extract from the Biography of Tiger Woods it said…

“He played them on a cassette player in his room, hearing only the flow of water down a creek, or soft music, but the messages began to imbue themselves in his subconscious..”

Well, this audio works in exactly the same way as the one Tiger Woods used, except instead of hearing the flow of water down a creek, you’ll hear the beautiful music of Gary Lamb who is a brilliant versatile composer from the USA.

This music is to overmask the suggestions so that your conscious hearing can’t distinguish them, but the subconscious, sub-audible hearing will hear them loud and clear. So in simple terms you will not consciously hear the suggestions, but subconsciously you will.

If you listen very carefully you will be able to hear a slight murmur in the background at certain points while the audio is playing and this brings us to our next point which a lot of people ask.

“If you can’t consciously hear the suggestions
how can they improve your golf game? “

Because you can’t hear the words consciously is the reason that subliminal audio work so well. If you can’t consciously hear the suggestions then you can’t analyze the suggestions and that means they can’t be altered, changed, discounted, or even ignored.

We are sure that most of the suggestions that are on this audio are not true for you at the moment. But they will become your reality as you keep listening to the audio because direct subconscious subliminal input reaches the mind unfiltered and largely unchanged from its original form.

The subconscious part of your mind has no reasoning ability and therefore no filtering potential so words, thoughts, and ideas that get through to your subconscious mind quickly become reality for you.

To show you how powerful the subconscious mind is, read the true story below.

“A number of years ago there was a documented death of a man dying of freezing to death. He accidentally locked himself in a freezer wagon in a rail yard in the United States.

It was on a Friday Night, so he knew that no one was going to be back at work until Monday. He also knew he had no hope of surviving so he thought his last act would be to help mankind out by documenting his own death.

With his pen he recorded what it was like to freeze to death and what happens to the human body. What happened to his body when he was 5 degrees colder, then another 5 degrees colder, and so on. He also recorded how long it took him to die by freezing.

When his mates returned on Monday morning and opened up this particular wagon, it had writing all over the inside and their friend was dead on the floor. They then read the best documented evidence of what happens to a person when they freeze to death. As it turns out, the freezer wagon was not turned on.

The temperature inside that van was 13 degrees Celsius (55.4 degrees Fahrenheit) all the time. The man convinced himself that the freezer wagon was on and that he was going to freeze to death and he did.”

The subconscious mind is your most powerful weapon because it acts upon any idea, plan, or purpose that reaches it, and it does not distinguish the difference between positive and negative, or right or wrong influences.

Now this Golfing Confidence Audio will dramatically improve your golf game BUT, only if you listen to it everyday (30 minutes minimum) for at least 30 days.

This audio is not a quick fix and by constantly listening to it will eventually improve your golf game. And here’s the bottom line. There is no way this audio can do any harm to your golf game. It can only improve it, so use it every chance you can. And we suggest you have it playing in the background. You don’t need to try hard to listen to it. You just need to be in hearing range of the audio for it to work.

So after you’ve downloaded the files below to your computer then start the subliminal songs playing. Once the “songs” are playing just do what you’d normally do on your computer and almost ignore the music. You don’t need to do anything special or try to listen hard or anything. Just have the music within hearing distance and go about your normal tasks.

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